Joe’s Podcast Episode #014

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If you like Joe’s Podcast, then you are really going to like  Missionary on Fire is a podcast where I interview veteran missionaries who have been on the field for at least 20 years.  Let their stories exhort you to do more for the Lord in these end times!

Our first question this week comes from Walter Horn.  Walter is the younger brother of my childhood best friend.  We made lots of great memories!  Walter asks about how hard it is to find a good doctor here in Ghana.

We have three questions from my sister’s Sunday School class in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada.  I love to answer children’s questions!  If you want to get your class involved, just let them listen to one of the shows in class and have them record their questions.  If you send me their questions, I will answer them as part of the show.  Then, you can play that episode in your class.  It will help them learn more about missions and feel more connected with their missionary in Africa.

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Thanks for listening every week!  Have a great week and God bless!