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Joe’s Podcast Episode #016

This week we have a question from my mother, Ginger Consford.  She asks about packages and the things we like to recieve and tips for sending packages to us.

We love to recieve pagages!

Our mailing address is:

Joseph Consford
PO Box TD 111
Takoradi, GHANA

Tips for sending packages:
*Either go big or go small.  The smallest flat rate Priority mailing box is not very expensive to send; it will fit in our Post Office box.  We do not have to pay import or duty fees on anything that fits in the Post Office box.  If you are going to “go big,” the medium or large flat rate boxes can be used.  These boxes can hold up to 20 pounds for the same “flat rate.”  For the price you will pay to send a bigger box, you will want to fill it to its capacity to make it worth the effort.  You will be hard pressed to actually fit 20 pounds in the box.
*Do not send batteries of any kind in packages.
*Anything that is liquid should be placed in a Ziploc bag just in case it springs a leak.  Also things that might attract ants should be placed in a Ziploc bag.
*When filling out the customs form, put “garage sale” value prices for the items listed.  We are not reselling the items, but if we did, we would only get a garage sale price.  We have to pay 50% of the duty plus 50% of the postage plus a handling fee.  Basically, we pay the “value amount” written on the package.  Also, be honest but vague in listing items.  For instance, you don’t have to list every food item or mention that “CANDY” is in the box.  Just put, “Miscellaneous food items.”  When the box says “CANDY,” we don’t usually receive those boxes.
We have recently discovered, that “educational materials” are duty free.  So, if you put crayons or pencils or something like that in the box, write “educational materials” in the listing on the Customs Form.  Sometimes they don’t even open the box when they see “educational materials;” they just say that the duty is waved due to educational materials.
If you send clothing like socks or underwear, remove them from the store-bought package.  Also remove any tags on other pieces of clothing or shoes.
If you are wanting to send something for Christmas, it is good to get it sent before December 1.  If it is sent in October or November, we receive it within a couple weeks.  Things that are sent after December 1 tend to get clogged up somewhere along the way; we don’t usually receive them until late January or early February.  Of course, we don’t mind receiving a package any time of the year!  : )

The children like to receive things like:

– gummy fruit chews
– Slim Jims
– Candy (Skittles, Smarties, Sweet tarts, Starbursts, Laffy Taffy, etc.)
– Little toys or games
– School items (scissors, rulers, crayons, colored pencils, erasers, small notebooks, etc.)
– Books – for reading or coloring
– Bonnie likes hair bows, headbands, ponytail holders, etc.
– We can always use socks.  (Danny is Mr. Big Foot and wears a size 3; Gilbert wears a size 13 shoe, and Bonnie wears size 10.)
– Band-aids with characters on them
My wife likes things to help her in the kitchen:
Velveeta (The pouches of Velveeta work great too; it doesn’t have to be a box.)
Dressing packets (Italian, Ranch)
Seasoning packets (Taco, Spaghetti, Sloppy Joe, Gravy, etc.)
Pepperoni (It does not have to be refrigerated until it is opened.)
Fully cooked bacon (It does not have to be refrigerated until it is opened.)
Vanilla extract
Maple flavoring
Parmesan cheese
She also likes journals and that type of thing to give away as gifts.
Our favorite candy around Easter time is Reese’s peanut butter eggs.  Gilbert is allergic to peanuts; so, these would need to be placed in a ziploc bag as not to “contaminate” the other items.  Gilbert prefers things like Slim Jims and Beef Jerky over sweets.
Laura also enjoys receiving things like pumpkin, almond bark, unsweetened cocoa squares, and graham crackers for her holiday baking.
I enjoy:
Community Chicory blend is my favorite!  (Dark Roast, or New Orleans Blend)
My second preference is Folgers Black Silk blend.
I also tell a funny story about a little boy in Sunday School singing, “Christ Arose!”