Monthly Archives: June 2008

Monday, June 30, 2008


This morning, we left the house a little after 8:00 and headed into
Abidjan. Lenell went with us. There was a big traffic jam on the way
into town. There were a couple wrecks that were blocking the road for

We stopped first to withdraw money. Danny, Bonnie, and I got a few
groceries. Then, we got some pastries for the road.

We headed to the doctor after that. He had told us to bring Bonnie back
today to check on her burns. We had to wait quite awhile before we got
to see the doctor. He said that her bottom is looking better and to
keep applying the cream until it is completely healed. He gave Bonnie a
Tuberculosis shot. Danny got a Hepatitis B shot and a DPT.

Our next stop was the bulk store. It had been awhile since we were
there. So, we stocked up on some things.

For lunch, we went to Castle Fried Chicken. I hadn’t been to the actual
restaurant yet. It was really nice. The chicken was delicious. Lenell
liked the chicken too.

Then, we went to the grocery store across the street to get our cold
things before heading home. The boys both fell asleep on the way home.
Bonnie slept most of the morning and woke up just as we got home.

Joe went into Anyama to pay for the internet. They had already closed
their register for the day; so, we won’t be back online until tomorrow.

The boys played outside with Daddy for awhile. I got a little rest in.
I have a cold and am still not feeling too great.

The boys were wound up this evening. Danny ran out of energy and went
to sleep quickly.

A demain,

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Sunday, June 29, 2008


We have had torrential rains all day today. Church attendance was way
down today. Several people were soaked when they arrived at church.

Today was Bonnie’s first day at church. Everyone was happy to see her.
The church presented us with some gifts that people had brought for the

We couldn’t have either of the outside classes today because of the
rain. We couldn’t even get to the bamboo building because of “the
river” that was running between the two buildings.

We had the younger children in the back room; everyone else was in the
main room. Joe taught Sunday school, and Romeo preached the morning

We all took a nap this afternoon. I have a cold and sore throat and am
not feeling very well. So, the children and I stayed home this evening.

There were 23 in attendance this evening. Joe preached tonight.

A demain,

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Joe went visiting this morning. They had some good visits.

Everyone is feeling better. That is a blessing! Gilbert and Danny
played outside for awhile. Then, they came in to check on Bonnie. If
she makes a peep, they are right there to see what is happening.

Everyone took a nap this afternoon except for Joe. He worked in the office.

Joe went back out to Abbe tonight for the last night of the evangelistic
meeting. There was one adult saved tonight. One of the men from the
Belleville church went with Joe tonight. He was an encouragement to the
pastor there. There were a total of 20 adults saved in the meetings in

We were all happy to see Daddy when he got home tonight.

A demain,

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Friday, June 27, 2008


Everyone seems to be feeling better today. Gilbert took his last dose
of the malaria treatment. He hasn’t had a fever all day but is feeling
a little warm this evening.

Joe worked in the office this morning. The boys played outside. Bonnie
was up for awhile. She is still sleeping most of the day and is awake
quite a bit at night.

I got a nap in before Joe left to go to the village. The boys were
still asleep when he left. They were disappointed that they didn’t get
to tell Daddy goodbye. Bonnie woke up, and they took turns holding her
while she was happy.

The evangelistic meeting went well this evening. There were twelve
adults saved tonight.

Joe found out that one of the men who was saved at the evangelistic
meeting last week was the man who sold fetishes in the village. He was
very big into idol worship and wore several fetishes around his neck.
He got saved and was in church on Sunday. It was the talk of the town,
“The fetisher went to church today!” Someone asked him why he went to
church. He told them that he wasn’t going to have anything to do with
fetishes anymore. He said that he is going to do two things for the
rest of his life – go to church and tend to his fields. What a blessing!

A demain,

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Joe is feeling better today. Gilbert is still down with malaria. He
has had a fever off and on throughout the day. When he doesn’t have a
fever, he is ready to play. When the fever comes back, he is miserable
and wants to be held and rubbed.

Bonnie’s burns are looking much better today. Joe got a few more of
Danny’s worms out today.

Joe went to Abbe tonight to set up the sound system for the evangelistic
meeting. Dan Post preached tonight. Seven adults and quite a few
children came forward for salvation.

Lenell came over tonight. She ate supper with us. Then, she held
Bonnie for a couple hours. She kept hoping Bonnie would open her eyes.
I even changed Bonnie’s diaper and tried to get her to wake up. As soon
as I gave her back to Lenell, she went right back to sleep. The boys
enjoyed playing with Lenell.

A demain,

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Joe is feeling a little better today. He hasn’t had a fever today, but
he is just very tired.

Gilbert has malaria also. He felt better after the medicine kicked in.
He had a burst of energy and played for quite awhile; then, he was back
on the couch again. He said, “I need to go to the doctor to get
crutches for my head.”

Danny seemed to be feeling better today. His fly bites are still
bothering him. Bonnie’s burns seem to be getting a little better each

A demain,

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, and Danny

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Joe is down with malaria. He has had a fever off and on throughout the
day. It usually takes a couple days for the cure to kick in. Danny
isn’t feeling very well today either.

Three girls from the church in Belleville came this morning. They
wanted to help me. So, they did some dishes and swept. Then, they
watched Swiss Family Robinson with the boys. They couldn’t understand
what was being said since it was in English, but that didn’t seem to
bother them. They were having a good old time.

After lunch, we all got a nap in. When the boys woke up, we hit the
ground running again.

The boys took turns holding Bonnie. Then, they wanted to put some
stickers in a book. Gilbert would do all of the stickers in one day if
I didn’t make him save some for another day.

Bonnie’s burns are looking a little better today. It will just take
time for it to heal completely.

A demain,

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Monday, June 23, 2008


This morning, Nana packed her suitcases. Gilbert thought he was going
on the airplane too. First, he wanted to find his jacket; he remembered
wearing it on the airplane. He wore his jacket all day long. Then, he
told me that he needed his suitcase. I told him that Nana was leaving
but that we were staying here. He kept trying to think of a way that he
could go with Nana.

I got a few more letters written to send back with Nana. Then, I worked
on insurance paperwork.

Joe started coming down with something last night. He hasn’t felt well
today either.

Danny has fifteen mango fly bites on his back. When the mango fly
bites, it leaves an egg under the skin. A worm comes out of that egg.
We just put cream on the bites until they turn yellow; then, you know
that the worms are ready to come out. Danny is also teething and has a

We left the house at 16:00. We had a doctor’s appointment for Bonnie at
17:00. When we got to the doctor’s office, Joe’s doctor was there. Joe
was able to get a prescription for malaria from him.

When the doctor saw the “rash” on Bonnie’s bottom, he couldn’t believe
it. He asked me how long it had been like that. I told him that it was
like that when she came home from the hospital. He asked what they had
told us to do at the hospital. We told him that they had not said a
word and that we didn’t even know it was like that until we got home.
It is not a rash but a second degree burn. He prescribed a disinfectant
and a burn cream. We are supposed to apply both of those five times a
day for a week and then take her back to the doctor. After that has
cleared up, she will get her first shots.

Rebekah Walker, wife of Ronnie Walker, came from Ghana today to the
hospital where the pediatrician is. She has three different strains of
malaria, one of them being cerebral malaria. They caught it just in
time. The doctor said that if she had waited another half a day, she
would have gone into a coma. We stopped in to visit her for a minute
after we finished with the doctor’s appointment. Please pray for her.
She is coherent but is very weak.

We ate supper and then headed to the airport. Joe put Danny on top of
the luggage cart, and they went to help Nana check in. Gilbert was
trying to think of a way that he could get upstairs to look at the
airplanes. I told him that he had to have a ticket to go upstairs. He
said, “Well, let’s get one, Mommy.”

Both boys cried for about the first ten minutes of the ride home. They
finally calmed down. Gilbert was still trying to think of some reason
that we could go back to the airport.

We got back home at 21:00. Everyone is ready for bed this evening.

Please pray for Nana as she travels home. Her flight left her at
22:00. She has a six-hour flight to Paris, a four-hour layover there,
and then an eleven-hour flight to Houston. She should get to Houston
tomorrow afternoon at 1:45.

A demain,

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Joe and Gilbert went to church this morning. Danny wasn’t feeling
well. Nana stayed home with Danny, Bonnie, and me.

Joe taught the adult Sunday school class and preached the morning
message. Gilbert did good in his class.

Bonnie’s rash isn’t looking much better. We are going to try to get in
to see the doctor tomorrow before we take Nana to the airport.

Everyone took a nap this afternoon. Joe, the boys, and Nana went to the
Anyama church tonight. Joe preached. Max wanted to introduce Joe’s mom
to the people there before she left.

Nana told Gilbert that she has to leave on an airplane tomorrow. He
wanted to know why she has to leave. He told her that he didn’t want
her to leave. Then, he was asking if he could go with her on the

A demain,

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Bonnie had a rough night once again. She has a bad rash on her bottom.
They must have used something at the hospital to clean her with that
really irritated her skin. We got some medicine today, and she has been
sleeping better since we started using that.

Nana helped take care of Bonnie during the night last night so that I
could get a little sleep. I wasn’t feeling well this morning, but I
felt better after a nap.

Joe headed back to the village of IRFA tonight for the last night of the
evangelistic meeting. The meeting ended well. Eight came forward for
salvation last night, and four more came forward this evening. Joe got
to try out the sound system; it worked great.

Nana read some books to the boys this evening. Then, she gave them
their baths. Nana leaves on Monday. We are going to miss her!

The boys waited up to see Daddy. Danny had to make sure that everyone
was in their place before he could go to sleep.

A demain,

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, Bonnie, and Nana