Monthly Archives: October 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008


This morning, we went into Abidjan. I wanted to look for a walker for
Bonnie. We looked for one in Ghana, but the prices there were about the
same as they are here. So, we just decided to get one here.

We got a few things at the grocery store while Joe went across the
street to the bank. Gilbert was pushing his own little cart. Danny was
riding in the big cart, and I was holding Bonnie pushing that cart.

We had Lebanese food for lunch. Then, we stopped at another store to
look at walkers. We got one. The boys wanted to get in it, but we told
them that this toy is for Bonnie; they are too big for it.

Everyone except Joe took a nap. Joe worked on the swimming pool. It
needed to be cleaned and filled back up again. The boys went out to
help him when they woke up.

Lenell brought supper tonight. After supper, she gave me a haircut.

A demain,

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Joe headed into Anyama early this morning so that he could drop the
vehicle off at the mechanic’s shop. He wanted to have the brakes looked
at. He and Dan Post will be traveling to a village this weekend. Dan
helped a national start a church about ten years ago. The national
died, and the church doesn’t have a pastor right now. There is an
Ivorian missionary in the area that preaches there once a month. They
will be having a baptismal service. So, Joe wanted to make sure that
the vehicle is ready for their trip.

Joe was going to ride out to Belleville with Lenell and Romeo. But, a
couple other things came up. They never actually made it to Belleville
this morning. Sylveste, a boy who used to attend the Anyama church but
had moved to live with his uncle, had been kicked out by his uncle and
was living on the streets. Max went to see if he could find him this
morning. He was able to find him. Then, Simone, the lady that works
for Lenell, was very sick with malaria. Lenell called to check on her,
and Simone was talking out of her head. Joe, Lenell, and Romeo took a
taxi to go take Simone to the hospital. Simone crawled to the door and
was not doing well. They took her to the hospital and put her on an IV.

Dan Post met Joe in town. He needed to have some electrical work done
on a DVD player. Joe knows a guy in Anyama that can fix just about

This afternoon, we all took a nap. Then, we headed to church. We had a
good service with 33 in attendance.

A demain,

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Joe went out to Bonoua with Dan Post this morning. They met with Paul,
one of the two men that got saved a few weeks ago. He is doing some
discipleship courses. He went with them to make some visits.

Everyone seems to be feeling a little better today. Danny and I are
still coughing. Gilbert has a runny nose.

Joe stopped at the store to pick up a few groceries on his way home.
Just after he got home, a lady in the Anyama church called and said that
she had an urgent problem and needed Joe to come right away. Joe went
and picked up Pastor Ake and headed to the lady’s house. Her sister has
double kidney failure and has been going for dialysis twice a week for
the past several months. The whole family has been helping her pay for
it ($300 for each treatment), and now everyone is out of money. Joe had
to tell them that we couldn’t help them. He explained that dialysis is
just a temporary solution and that without a transplant (which would
cost $100,000 in advance), she will eventually die. It was a sad

This evening, Bonnie was entertaining herself. She was cooing away at
the jungle gym. Gilbert loves it when Bonnie makes noises. Danny says,
“What are you doing, Bonnie?” as he gets right in her face.

A demain,

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Monday, October 27, 2008


We met the Posts in town this morning to celebrate Danny’s birthday.
We met at a play place. Joe went to pay and discovered that they now
have a new schedule. They are closed on Mondays. Today was the first
Monday that they were closed. So, we went with plan B. We went to the
zoo. It rained off and on, but the boys didn’t seem to mind. It really
started coming down just as we were finishing. We waited under the
pavilion for the rain to let up. It kept coming down. Joe and Dan took
the umbrellas and went to get the vehicles. We went to Akle for lunch.

Jimmy had ridden with the Peelers this morning to show them where the US
Embassy is. They met us as well. (The Peelers live in Ghana but came
to vote.)

We had a good time of fellowship. Danny was happy with his presents.
Gilbert was excited about the presents too.

We kept everybody awake on the way home, except for Bonnie, so that we
could take a nap when we got home. Danny was telling Gilbert, “Wait
’til we get home, Gilbert.” Gilbert was saying, “I don’t want Danny to
tell me that.” They both needed a nap!

Joe and the boys worked on cleaning the swimming pool while I made
supper. Bonnie is fun to watch. She plays with the jungle gym for
awhile. When she gets tired, she rolls over on her stomach, puts her
thumb in her mouth, and goes to sleep.

Danny and I are still coughing. Bonnie and Gilbert are both congested.
Maybe everyone will be feeling better soon. Joe is going to go out to
Bonoua with Dan tomorrow to make visits; the rest of us are going to
stay home.

A demain,

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Sunday, October 26, 2008


We didn’t get an e-mail sent yesterday.

Yesterday morning, Joe went visiting. They went door to door and had
some good visits.

We had to start Danny on an antibiotic. His cough has moved into his
chest. Gilbert didn’t have a fever or anything but kept saying that he
didn’t feel very well. Bonnie is still congested. I still have a cough.

Last night after Danny went to bed, Gilbert and I wrapped one of Danny’s
birthday presents.

Today is Danny’s birthday. He is two. This morning, Gilbert started
asking right away when Danny was going to open his presents.

The children and I stayed home today. Danny, Bonnie, and I are still
not back to 100% yet.

Joe had a good day at church. The attendance was down this morning, but
they had good services. Joe preached this evening in Belleville; Romeo
preached at the Anyama church.

We wanted to do something for Danny’s birthday. So, Lenell, the
Engelharts, and Delores (She is a girl in the church that is staying
with the Engelharts right now.) came over after church. I made pizza,
and Lenell brought a cake.

It was finally time to open presents. As Danny started to open the
present that Gilbert helped wrap, Gilbert said, “It’s a car, Danny.”
Everyone told him, “SHHH! You’re not supposed to tell.” So, he quickly
said, “It’s a box, Danny!” to cover for himself. Danny got a beach
ball, a frog chair for the pool, a cap gun, and a pick-up truck.

Bonnie slept a lot today. I thought she would be up tonight. But, she
went right to sleep.

A demain,

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Friday, October 24, 2008


We didn’t get an e-mail sent yesterday. I was sick, and Joe was busy
taking care of everyone.

One sad event occurred yesterday – Gilbert’s frog died. He wasn’t too
upset though. He was just as excited about burying the frog as he had
been about holding the frog.

We thought that I had malaria because I was running a temperature of
103, had the chills, and was vomiting. I went to the doctor this
morning and got a blood test. I don’t have malaria; I have bronchitis.
I started having cold symptoms on Tuesday. I am feeling better today
than I did yesterday. The doctor said it will take a few days until I
am totally recovered.

While we were at the doctor’s office, Bonnie’s breathing sounded a
little congested. He looked at her too. He said that she has the flu.
She isn’t running a fever yet, but he said that she might have one
within the next couple days. He started her on some cold medicine and a
nasal spray.

Gilbert had a slight temperature this afternoon and has the diarrhea.
He was throwing up yesterday morning; maybe he has a touch of the flu
too. He feels bad for a little while and then is back to bouncing
around again.

Danny has a cold. I started giving him the cold medicine today too.

Joe went to the post office this afternoon. We got seven packages all
in the same day. That is a record! We had a good time opening those.
One had some things for Danny’s birthday; Daddy hid those. A couple of
them were for my birthday; we had just about given up on ever seeing
those packages. One of our churches sent a little quilt that they had
made for Bonnie. Another box was Christmas presents. One was our mail,
and the other was for Romeo. Last year, the postal workers were on
strike, and we couldn’t receive packages at all.
We are very thankful that the postal system is back up and running.

Please pray that everyone will be feeling better soon.

A demain,

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Joe left the house at 7:00 this morning to meet Dan Post in town. Dan
had found a couple stores that he wanted to show Joe. One was a meat
market where good beef can be purchased for much less than we pay at the
grocery stores. He showed him another store that sales things that are
just about out of date – they had cheddar cheese! Hooray!!

Gilbert had to check on his frog first thing this morning. Margie came
over for a few minutes this morning. Gilbert was showing her his frog
and accidentally dropped the frog’s bucket in the mop water. We dumped
the water out of his bucket, and he is still doing fine.

Danny kept wanting to hold the frog, but we didn’t want to end up with
another squished frog. Gilbert wanted to show his frog to Bonnie. I
told him that she didn’t want to see it.

I have a cold, sore throat, and cough. I just had the sniffles
yesterday, but it got worse today. Bonnie has been sneezing a lot today.

Gilbert didn’t take a nap today. Bonnie and Danny went down at
different times; so, I didn’t get one in either.

Joe got home about 15:00. We got the meat all cut up and put in the

We all got ready for church and headed that way. A man from the Bassam
church preached this evening. He brought his family, and they sang a
special before the message. The room was full this evening. I took our
kids in the back room to free up our chairs. I didn’t hear the final
count, but there were over 45 there tonight.

On the way home, we stopped at the pharmacy to get some medicine for
me. Everyone else is in bed. I’m h

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


We headed toward Bassam this morning. We went through a heavy downpour
in Abidjan. Vehicles were stopped under the overpasses to wait out the
rain; that created a major traffic jam. The rain let up, and traffic
started moving again.

Joe dropped the kids and I off at the Posts’ house. He and Dan went on
to Bonoua to make some visits. They finished the street that they have
been working on for some time now.

Justin had caught several tiny tree frogs. He put one in a bucket and
told Gilbert that he could take it home. They kept taking it out of the
bucket to play with it. Jennifer asked Gilbert what he was going to
name the frog. He said, “Gilbert.” Danny got a hold of it and killed
the frog. Gilbert came running in and said, “Mom, Danny killed my
frog.” I asked him what happened. He said, “He picked it up and just
squeezed it, Mommy, and it was dead.” Justin found another frog for
Gilbert. He came in with it in his bucket. Jennifer asked him what he
was going to call that frog; he said, “Gilbert!”

We barbecued hotdogs for lunch. We had a good time of fellowship.

Bonnie got a couple naps in. Danny finally crashed too. Gilbert got a
nap in on the way home.

The Posts let us borrow National Treasure 2. They just got it in a
package. So, we watched that tonight.

A demain,

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Monday, October 20, 2008


Everyone is feeling better today! That is a blessing.

We got some things done around the house today. I finished our
quarterly report this morning.

After naps, the boys and I walked to the little store down the road to
get a couple things. Just as we got back, the Engelharts got home from
Abidjan. Margie wanted to take Charlie on a walk. So, we went with her

Just as I started supper preparations, the power went off. It was off
for two hours. Joe fired up the generator; we haven’t had to use it in
a long time. When we light candles, the boys automatically start
singing, “Happy Birthday.”

Tomorrow, we will go see the Posts. Joe and Dan will go visiting in
Bonoua while the children and I stay with Jennifer and the boys.

Thank you for praying for Morganne and Benji. They are both doing a
little better. Benji is still in the hospital but may get to go home
tomorrow or Wednesday.

A demain,

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Joe and Danny have both been down today with some type of stomach bug.
So, we didn’t go to church. Romeo preached today. There isn’t a
bathroom at the church; otherwise, we would have gone.

Joe rested in between trips to the bathroom. Danny’s stomach was upset
this morning, but he seems to be doing better this evening.

Bonnie was awake all morning. She took a long nap this afternoon. She
went to sleep about the time that the boys woke up. The power went off
for awhile this afternoon, and that woke the boys up.

Please continue to pray for Morganne Mach and Benji Smith. Morganne has
bronchitis and is still running a fever off and on. Benji has cerebral
malaria; he is being treated with quinine.

A demain,

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie