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Saturday, February 28, 2009


This morning, Joe headed in to go visiting, but he discovered that there
was a problem with the alternator. He had planned to stop at the
mechanic anyway to check on Lenell’s vehicle. They had discovered that
a fuel line was stopped up, and they were able to fix that. Joe left
our vehicle with the mechanic and went on to Belleville to go visiting.

Joe came home for lunch. The mechanic called this afternoon and said
that our vehicle was finished. Joe went back in to get it.

Some girls from the Belleville church came out to the house this
morning. Six came around 10:30, and two more got here about noon. They
helped me around the house for a little bit. Some of them did the
dishes; one of them swept, and a couple of them cleaned some rugs.
Then, they played outside with the boys. They came back in and played
with Bonnie’s toys. They left about 12:45 to head back to Belleville
for a youth activity this afternoon.

Gilbert and Danny were busy too. They helped clean rugs outside. When
they were done with the buckets, Gilbert and Danny both climbed inside a
bucket. It was hot today. Bonnie got toted and passed around all
morning. She got fussy around noon. I picked her up, and she went
right to sleep.

After naps, the boys went back outside to play.

Tonight after the boys were in bed, we heard Danny talking to Bonnie’s
baby doll. He said, “Be still. I don’t want to hear nother word from you!”

A demain,

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Friday, February 27, 2009


We had quite an adventure today. We took Lenell to buy a vehicle.
First, she had to trade money. Then, we went to get the vehicle. After
we got it, we went to turn the paperwork in to get the title in her
name. The children and I were riding with Lenell since she had air
conditioning. We were on our way to a restaurant. The vehicle died
right in the middle of a major intersection. We called Joe. He got
some guys to help him push the vehicle. It had run out of gas. We
ate. Then, Joe and Dan went to get fuel. The kids played at the play
place while we waited.

Then, we went to get oil and filters. From there, we went to the Toyota
dealer to get a timing belt. On our way to the insurance place, the car
died again. This time, it had overheated. Joe thinks it might have
been from running out of fuel and the fuel filter being totally stopped
up. We went straight to the mechanic. Lenell brought us home in our
vehicle and then took the vehicle back to Joe. He stayed while they
replaced all of the filters and fluids. The primer pump is broken; that
will have to be replaced before they can start the vehicle. It takes a
while to get the kinks worked out when you buy a vehicle in Africa.

Everyone is tired tonight. The kids are all in bed, and it’s not even

A demain,

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Thursday, February 26, 2009


This morning, I got some things done around the house. The boys helped
pick up in the living room while I worked in the kitchen. I made some
things for this afternoon – brownies, cookies, and breadsticks. Danny
wanted to sample the brownies before they even came out of the oven.

Lenell had invited all of the ladies over to her apartment today to make
a photo box. Tammy’s vehicle broke down again, and Becky wasn’t able to
come. So, Joe went to get Tammy and Kristine. The Posts came to our
house. Then, Lenell came to pick up all the ladies. Dan and his boys
stayed with Joe and the boys. Bonnie went with me.

Everyone had a good time. We had fun with our project. We had lots of
good laughs. Bonnie got a couple naps in.

Joe and the boys had fun too. They went swimming. Joe said that Danny
got dunked under the water. When he came up, he told the boys, “Don’t
ever do that again!” He has also been telling people, “Watch your
attitude!” He is a stinker! When I asked Gilbert about swimming, he
said, “Those boys splash a lot, and they dunked me under; but, I closed
my mouth and eyes, and I was okay.”

We gave Tammy and Kristine a ride home this evening. The boys had
played hard today and both fell asleep on the way home; they both stayed
asleep when we got home. Joe carried both boys straight to their beds.
Bonnie was ready to play for awhile before she went to bed.

A demain,

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This morning, Joe went visiting in Belleville with Romeo. They had some
good visits.

When he dropped Romeo off, he and Pastor Ake took some things to a
family in the Anyama church. The man was the foreman at the lumber mill
here in Anyama. The lumber mill closed a couple months ago and is for
sale. He won’t start getting his retirement money until December. So,
they are having a hard time right now. Joe bought a big bag of rice,
and Max took some charcoal.

Margie came over about 11:00. She visited with us for a little bit and
then took the boys back to her house to play until lunchtime. Bonnie
took a nap while the boys were over there; so, I got some laundry folded
and then started on lunch.

After lunch, the boys went down for a nap. Bonnie was ready to play for
awhile. She finally went down too.

We had a good church service this evening. There were 32 in attendance.

Danny’s stomach is still bothering him. He doesn’t have much of an
appetite yet, but I’m sure it will take a couple days for the
medications to kick in.

A demain,

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


We left the house a little before 7:00 this morning. Lenell followed us
into town. We were headed to look at the vehicle she is considering
buying. We got over there a little early. So, we ate breakfast at a

Our mechanic is out of the country right now. So, Dan came with his
mechanic so that he could check out the vehicle. Lenell took it for a
test drive. She did decide to buy it. Now, she just has to get the
money here. It is a Toyota Land Cruiser.

They weren’t quite finished discussing things with the owner of the
vehicle, and it was time for the children’s doctor’s appointments. So,
the children and I went to the doctor’s office in a taxi. Joe met us
there when they finished with the vehicle. We were still waiting to see
the doctor when he got there.

Bonnie went first. She got two shots. She weighs 19 lbs. now and is 27
inches long. The doctor said that she is a little bit above average in
both categories and is growing well.

Gilbert had some type of fungus on his back. The doctor prescribed some
cream for that.

Then, he checked on Danny. He said that we could wait and run some
tests to find out exactly what was causing the diarrhea, but he thought
it would be best to just go ahead and start Danny on medicine for
bacteria, fungus, and parasites. That will take care of the problem,
whatever it is!

After we finished there, we went to a couple of stores. We had
hamburgers for lunch before heading home.

Danny fell asleep in the car on the way home. That was the extent of
his nap today. He and Gilbert both “rested” for a little while, but
neither one of them went to sleep. Bonnie didn’t take much of a nap either.

This evening, I worked on totaling things up in the attendance and
offering ledger. We had gotten a little behind on that.

A demain,

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Monday, February 23, 2009


First thing this morning, the Lebanese businessman called wanting to
know the measurements of the classrooms so that he could get the tin for
the roof. He really wants to get the classroom for the deaf school
finished quickly.

Joe went to run errands. First, he went to Anyama to make sure the
brick makers were working. Then, he headed into Abidjan. He spent some
time looking at vehicles for Lenell. He found one possibility; then, he
saw another one when he was driving down the road. The mechanic is
going to go check that one out in the morning.

Joe went to the bank. It took quite awhile at the bank because they are
switching over to a new format; so, everyone has to redo their
paperwork. Joe was there for an hour and a half. After finishing at
the bank, he ate some lunch and then went to the hardware store.

He got back home about 16:00. It was about to rain. He and the boys
jumped in the vehicle to take a tarp up to the Anyama church to cover
the bricks. They got the bricks covered just before it started pouring
down rain.

On the way back home, he realized that there was a problem with the
accelerator sticking. After supper, he took the vehicle to the mechanic
and got that fixed.

The boys have been “helping” me take things off of the walls. I let
them help me bag all of my stuffed bears. They thought that was great.
They have been carrying the bags around the house. We have almost
everything taken off of the walls in the bedrooms and hallway.

We got a couple rounds of the game Cookin’ Cookies in tonight. The boys
love it. Gilbert won both games. Bonnie was crawling around underneath
the table to get in on the action.

Danny and Gilbert have both had some stomach problems today. Danny has
severe diarrhea again. We called the doctor. He told us something to
give him tonight, and we have an appointment in the morning. Bonnie has
to get shots tomorrow.

A demain,

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Sunday, February 22, 2009


It is hard to believe that it is already the last Sunday of February!
Time seems to be flying by!

Church went well this morning. There were 89 in attendance.

I had 18 in my class today. Everyone was having trouble staying still
today. They did participate well though.

Danny is having some stomach problems again. We aren’t sure what is
causing it this time. We will keep an eye on him.

The evening service went well too. There were 31 in attendance.

A demain,

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Joe went to the Anyama church this morning. The Lebanese businessman
was going to send supplies today, and Joe wanted to be there when they
arrived. He waited all morning, and they didn’t come. He talked to the
man on the phone. He said that he would call Joe when they left to head
this way. So, Joe came home for lunch. He got the call a little before
16:00 and went back up there. The man sent $900 worth of stuff – a ton
and a half of cement, two tons of sand, and fifteen gallons of top
quality paint. He wants them to finish the school room for the deaf.
He said that if he is pleased with the way the construction is done, he
would like to help more with the orphanage in the future.

Right now, the deaf school meets in a house that is falling apart. Once
the three schoolrooms are finished, the house can be torn down, and the
orphanage can be built in its place.

The Anyama church just finished their missions conference a couple weeks
ago. The people had pledged to give 141,000 CFA per month for
missions. They had also taken up a special offering to help another
Ivorian church buy land. They are so excited about what the Lord is
doing there for them.

Danny got in trouble this morning. Joe told him that he couldn’t have
any chocolate until after naps because that was what he had been trying
to get when he got in trouble. As soon as Danny got up from his nap, he
came to me. He had a sweet smile on his face, and said, “Please Mommy,
please could I have some chocolate?” He remembered!!

Bonnie was watching Danny do a puzzle today. He kept saying, “No,
Bonnie, you can’t help me.” I told him that she just wanted to watch
him; but about that time, she crawled right on top of his puzzle.

Bonnie was crawling down the hallway trying to catch up with the boys.
Gilbert said to Danny, “Run for your life, Danny!” When Danny tried to
repeat Gilbert, he said, “Run for life!”

Joe worked in the office this evening. I read books to Gilbert and
Danny while Bonnie kept trying to stand up while holding on to my legs.

A demain,

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Friday, February 20, 2009


This morning, Joe and the boys went to get Lenell’s gas grill in working
order. Then, they came home to get me, Bonnie, and Margie. Lenell had
invited the ladies for lunch. Tammy and Kristine had brought their
vehicle to the mechanic in Anyama; so, they were at Lenell’s house too.
We had a good lunch and a good time of fellowship.

Dan was talking to a Lebanese businessman yesterday. He was asking Dan
if he knew of an orphanage who needed some assistance. Dan mentioned
the orphanage here in Anyama. The man contacted Joe last night and
asked if he could come see the orphanage today. Just as we were heading
to the church, the man called and asked for directions. Joe dropped us
off at Lenell’s apartment and then went back down to the corner to wait
for the man.

Joe introduced the man to Pastor Ake. They showed him where the orphans
stay and also the deaf school. He was very interested in helping. He
is sending cement and sand tomorrow to make bricks to complete a school
room for the deaf.

Joe and the boys went home and ate lunch. Then, they took a nap.

Around 17:30, Lenell brought us home. The mechanic brought Tammy’s
vehicle out. He replaced the head gasket. It was still running a
little warm; he thought that the thermostat might be bad. So, Joe
offered to follow Tammy and Kristine home just in case they had any
problems. We all went. Gilbert and Danny rode in Tammy’s car with
Lenell, Kristine, and Tammy; they thought that was great.

We had supper at Akle. The vehicle did fine on the way to the
restaurant; so, they didn’t think we needed to follow them the rest of
the way home. Lenell rode back with us. We got home just before 21:00.

When Danny is looking for me, he walks up and down the hallway saying,
“Where you are, Mom?” He likes to do puzzles, and he has figured out
how to do them by himself. But, he still wants someone to help him.
Gilbert offers to help, but Danny only wants Mom or Dad to help him.

Bonnie is happy to be back on her own turf. She is crawling around and

A demain,

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Joe went into Anyama this morning. He planned on checking the post
office box and getting fuel. But, the car broke down at the bottom of
our road. He called the mechanic. An hour later, they got the vehicle
into Anyama. A wire to the glow plug had come undone; they worked on
fixing that. Joe went on to the post office and then went back to wait
for the vehicle. He got back to the house about 11:00.

I am feeling fine today. It must have just been a 24-hour bug or something.

We loaded up and headed to Abidjan. Gilbert always wants to know where
we are going and what we are going to do. We told him we were going to
eat at a restaurant and then go grocery shopping. He said, “I hope we
go to the restaurant with cheese pizza and ice cream.” That sounded
good to me; so, we went there.

On the way to the restaurant, we got stopped by the police. They were
just checking paperwork. The new vehicle registration is due; so, they
are looking for that and fining people that don’t have it yet. Joe
finally got to show off his new driver’s license and all of his car
papers that he has been working hard on for the past couple weeks.
Everything was in order, and we were back on our way.

After lunch, we went grocery shopping. Joe told the boys that if they
were good in the store, we would get some ice cream to take home. Both
boys had a little cart that they were pushing. Daddy kept them busy,
and they both thought it was great to have things in their own carts.
They went to pick out the ice cream while Bonnie and I went on to the
cash register. Bonnie was cooing and charming everyone.

Both boys stayed awake on the way home. They were busy playing.

The boys went down for a nap. Bonnie followed them a little later.

This evening, Bonnie kept following Gilbert around the house. He had a
little stick which which he was leading. He would tap the stick on the
ground and tell her which way to go. She thought that was great. When
her knees got tired of crawling, she came to find me.

A demain,

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie