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Saturday, June 13, 2009

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It has been awhile since you heard from us.  We have been staying busy.

Joe has been busy getting meetings lined up.  We have also been
spending some time with family.  We had a great family reunion with my
parents, grandparents, and siblings’ families.  We are now in Nebraska
with Joe’s grandparents.  From here, we will head to Canada for a
couple weeks.

It has been fun to watch the boys experience new sights, sounds, and
smells.  Yesterday, we passed several trains that were loaded with
coal.  Gilbert asked Joe what was in the train cars.  Joe told him
that it was coal.  A few minutes later, Gilbert looked at Danny and
said, “Danny, those trains are full of coleslaw!”  We also passed a
feed lot.  Danny said, “Who pooped?  It smells like poop.

Gilbert came up with a new story character.  My mom had been telling
him stories, the next day, he came into the room with a cape on his
head.  He said, “Look at me!  I’m Little Red Goldilocks!”

Bonnie turned one yesterday.  It is hard to believe that she is
already a year old.  She is starting to take a few steps.  We
celebrated her birthday in Texas before we left, then in Branson with
my family, and again yesterday with Joe’s grandparents.

The children all seem to be passing around some type of stomach bug.
We hope everyone gets over that before we head to Canada on Tuesday.

Until next time,

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie