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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


The kids were ready to go to school again this morning.  Bonnie said, “See you later, Mom” as she headed down the steps.  Danny said, “Mom, I love you very much, but I have to go to school.”
I did not feel well again today.  So, I just took it easy this morning.  
Bonnie was the first Consford to visit the principal.  For some reason, the teacher took Bonnie’s hanky.  Bonnie started crying and would not stop.  So, they took her to the principal.  He got her calmed down and gave the hanky back to her.  That girl!
Gilbert had his first homework today in his “Obama” book.  He informed me that the teacher has an “Obama” book too.  
Gilbert and Danny both said that they have to put their hands under their chins when they pray.  Danny wanted to know why they do that.  I told him that it was probably to keep his hands out of trouble.  
When Bonnie got home, she was upset that her school books were not in her backpack.  She wanted to color in one of them at home.  We told her that her school books have to stay at school.
I made lasagna for supper.  Brother Davis and Brother Barrow ate supper with us.  
Brother Barrow preached tonight.  I stayed home, and Joe took the kids with him.
A demain,
Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


We were up bright and early for the first day of school.  When Joe told the kids it was time to get up to get ready for school, Bonnie made a beeline to her backpack.
Bonnie cried when Joe dropped them off, but it sounds like the rest of the day went well.  They all had stories to tell.  Gilbert was trying to remember his DVD teacher’s name.  He said, “It’s Mrs. Car Wheel.  No, that’s not right, Mrs. Wheel. Mrs. Wagon Wheel, no!  It was some kind of wheel.  Oh, I know, Mrs. Wheeler.”  Bonnie was just waking up from her nap when Joe picked them up.  As soon as she saw Joe, she jumped into his arms.  Danny knew several of the kids’ names in his class (Benedict, Grace, Marble), but Gilbert and Bonnie didn’t know anybody’s name.
Joe got the school supply lists when he went to get the kids.  He brought them home and then went back into town to get the school supplies.  He had to walk around the market circle five times to find all of the exact things.  Several of them were just little booklets of paper, but they all had different names.  Gilbert’s paper booklets have Obama’s picture on them; Joe was teasing him about that.
I have not felt very well all day.  I think the antibiotic is doing me in.  I just have two days left, and I will be done with it.
Brother Davis and Brother Barrow ate supper with us tonight.  Kristine made supper.
A demain,
Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Monday, August 29, 2011


Today is the kids’ last day at home before school starts.  Joe told them that they needed to be good helpers today.  They wanted to clean the bathrooms right away.  Danny said, “Mom, I need some of that cleanitizer to clean the sinks.”  
Joe ran errands in town this morning.  He picked up the kids’ school uniforms on his way home.  Everyone had to try them on right away.  He also brought a backpack home for each of the kids.  Danny and Bonnie thought it was part of their uniform, and they needed them for the picture.
This afternoon, I started feeling sick again.  This typhoid does not seem to want to let go.  I feel better for a few days; then, I am back down again.  I have three days left on the second round of antibiotics; hopefully that will take care of it.
The visiting pastors were out with Evans all day today.  They stopped in this evening to use the computer for a little bit.
A demain,
Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Sunday, August 28, 2011


I had a good birthday today.  We had a good day at church.

When we got to church this morning, Stephen had forgotten to fill the baptistry.  So, he cleaned it out and started filling it.  By the end of the church service, the water was just above knee-deep on Joe.  He went ahead and baptized.  He just had to take everyone pretty low to get them completely wet.

The Sunday school classes did a good job in the church service this morning.  There are four different children’s classes.  Each class sang a song and quoted two verses.  The six and under class had a little trouble getting started, but once they got started, they did fine.

After church, Joe baptized seven people.  Two of the seven were Gilbert and Danny.  The water was cold.  Gilbert said, “Dad, when my head went under water, my feet started kicking because it was cold.”  When Joe asked Danny if he was saved, Danny had a tear in his eye as he said, “Yes Sir.”  When Danny was changing his clothes after getting baptized, he said, “Mom, I need to tell Dad thank-you.  That was the most specialest thing that ever happened to me.”  I was proud of my boys!  Bonnie wanted to know when she could get baptized.


Brother Davis preached in the morning service, and Brother Barrow preached in the evening service.
Brother Barrow, Brother Davis, Evans Benyah, and Joe

Kristine put chicken in the crockpot for lunch.  We didn’t have to do much when we got home to get lunch ready.

After naps, we headed back to church.  Before church started, Bonnie wanted me to play a game with her.  She said that it was called “Dinkle, Dinkle.”  I told her that I did not know how to play it.  She told me that you write something on a paper and then say, “dinkle, dinkle.”  She is always coming up with something. The message tonight was a blessing and an encouragement.

I had several calls for my birthday and lots of Facebook greetings.  Thank you to everyone who remembered my birthday!  I definitely feel special.

A demain,

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Saturday, August 27, 2011


This morning, Joe, Brother Davis, and Brother Barrow went to the funeral for Evans’ sister.  Evans is a faithful man in the church who is working on starting a church in Inchaban, a nearby town.  Evans’ family is unsaved.  The funeral was at the Catholic church.  It was rather wild and lasted for almost three hours.
Kristine made all the meals and did all of the dishes today as a birthday present.  Since my birthday is on Sunday, she wanted to do that today.  But, she has the meals planned for tomorrow too.  Joe said that I should be glad Kristine is here because he definitely would not have done all of that.  : )  
I mopped the floors this morning to clean up from the flour spill yesterday.  I also did some laundry.
After lunch, Joe and the men went into town for a little while.  The Bible club kids came in the rain today.  They were here at 1:00 instead of 4:00, but we went ahead and had it at 1:00 since they were all here.  Then, the kids and I took a nap.  
Kristine made a delicious birthday supper. Just as we were getting ready to have cake, the power went off.  When Joe called the power company, they said that it would come back on for some people, but that it would remain off for others for “load shedding.”  (They did load shedding when we were here about five years ago.  The power would be off for twelve hours and then on for twenty-four hours.  It started on my birthday when they did it five years ago.)  Thankfully, the power came back on about five minutes later.
We had cake and ice cream and then opened presents.  Joe and the men visited for a while.  I helped the kids with baths.  
A demain,
Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Friday, August 26, 2011


This morning, we headed into town to get some grocery shopping done.  Mack Siekbert rode into town with us.  Kristine went too.  
We stopped at the seamstress’ shop on the way.  She was not in today and won’t be back to work until Tuesday.  I was hoping to get my skirt fixed to wear it on Sunday.  Oh well!
It was time to do our bulk shopping as well as normal grocery shopping.  So, we divided and conquered.  Kristine went to the vegetable market.  Joe and Mack got the bulk flour, sugar, powdered milk, and chicken.  The kids and I went into You-84, a little hole-in-the-wall type store that has some things at a cheaper price than we can get at the nicer grocery store.  We all met back at the vehicle and then went to Garden Mart from there.  We also stopped to get one of the new lights that we bought a couple months ago repaired.  We got back home about 1:20.  We ate lunch and then worked on putting our purchases away.
At 3:00, we went to a wake for the sister of a man in our church.  She died a few weeks ago, but the funeral is this weekend.  They have a wake on Friday night, the funeral service on Saturday morning, and a thanksgiving service on Sunday.  Evans’ family is not saved, but they have always been supportive of him in the things that he has done – graduating from Bible college, ordination, etc.  We had explained to the kids that the people might be listening to bad music and drinking beer but that we should not say anything and just be good examples.  The kids did good.  The speakers were pointed right at us with music blaring.  The boys started to plug their ears, but they refrained after a look from Dad.  We all filed by the family and shook their hands.  Then, they got seats for all of us to sit down.  Then, the whole family walked past our two rows of people and shook all of our hands.  An elderly lady was poking and pulling at Bonnie.  Bonnie came to my lap to be rescued.  The same elderly lady was dancing to the music.  After we sat there a few minutes, they gave us permission to leave.  I have never been to a wake before; so, it was very interesting.  The wake will last all night, but they were pleased that we made an appearance.
We got back home about 4:00.  Jackie and the kids stayed at our house while Joe and Mack went to make a visit.  Jackie and Naomi helped in the kitchen.  Jackie did dishes and helped me with supper preparations.  Kristine and Naomi worked on dividing up the bulk purchases.  We ended up with flour everywhere.  The kids have been “skating” around the house all evening.  Joe and Mack got back about 5:30, and the Siekberts went home.
Brother Davis and Brother Barrow arrived about 6:30.  The kids were so excited about having company.  During supper, Bonnie said, “When I’m not here, you can be the boss, Brother Davis.”  Bonnie was sitting next to Brother Barrow during supper and decided that he was her “best friend.”  By the end of the meal, she even told him that he could be the boss.  
I put the kids to bed about 8:30 since we did not have time for naps today.  They all went right to sleep.  Joe took Brother Davis and Brother Barrow up the hill about 9:30.  They had a good trip in, but they were tired.  They arrived in Accra at 11:00 this morning and then rode from Accra to Takoradi.  
A demain,
Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Thursday, August 25, 2011


This morning, the carpenter came to replace some door handles and locks up at the Luthers’ guestroom.  Joe was up there most of the morning.  The kids went to watch for a while and then came back home to help me clean.
I worked on cleaning and laundry again.  Those are two never-ending cycles!
After naps, Joe took the kids swimming.  I worked on supper.  Kristine cleaned the guest room after the carpenter finished his work.  
I folded laundry this evening and was accused of taking over the couch with my piles of laundry.   : )
A demain,
Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Joe was busy running errands this morning.  He made a list of things that needed to be done before our company arrives on Friday night.  The missionary who started Mt. Calvary Baptist Church (where we are now) in Takoradi is coming along with a pastor.  Joe got home just as we were finishing lunch.  When he was almost home, the wiring to the car radio caught on fire.  He jerked the radio out and was able to get it stopped.
I worked on laundry and cleaning this morning.  The kids helped clean.  They wiped all the walls down out on the porch.  
After lunch, the kids went up the hill with Joe.  Our company will be staying in the Luthers’ guest room since Kristine is staying in our guest room.  The sink was leaking and needed to be fixed.  Just as one of the guys lifted the sink, he felt something move.  It was a big scorpion.  They killed the scorpion, and it didn’t sting anyone.  
After naps, we had supper and then headed to church.  We had a good service with thirteen in attendance.
A demain,
Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Monday-Tuesday, August 22-23, 2011


Our internet was down last night.  That is why you did not hear from us yesterday.
Yesterday, we went to the school to get the kids measured for their school uniforms.  But, the tailor could not meet us yesterday.  We went on into town to run some errands – go to the post office, check on our wicker drawers, pay for the internet, etc.  We got home at lunch time.  Bonnie and Danny both fell asleep in the car on the way home.  So, they did not take a nap.
Just before supper time, Danny fell asleep in Joe’s lap.  We tried to wake Danny up for supper.  Joe carried him into the kitchen and put Danny in his seat.  Danny turned around, curled up in a ball, and went back to sleep.  After supper, Joe carried Danny to his bed.  He must have been worn out because he slept all night.  Danny was up at 5:00 this morning, but he came into our room and went back to sleep.
This morning, Joe went to meet with a Fante teacher about giving us Fante lessons.  He has to wait until he gets his class schedule so that he can see where he can fit us in.  He has a degree in African languages and majored in Fante.
As soon as Joe got back, we headed to the school to meet the tailor.  The tailor was about forty-five minutes late.  The kids enjoyed playing basketball with Joe and some kids who wandered in while we waited for the tailor.  Bonnie had me push her on the swing.  The tailor came and measured all of the kids.  He will have two outfits for each child made by next Monday.  School starts next Tuesday.
On the way home, we stopped to pick up an outfit that I had made.  When we got home, the skirt did not fit.  So, we will have to go back to the seamstress with it.
We ate lunch at a little Lebanese restaurant on the way home.  After naps, I worked on my project for the day – clearing the dining room table.  I almost got my mission accomplished.
The kids played a game with Kristine after supper.  Then, we watched Fox and the Hound 2.
A demain,
Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Sunday, August 21, 2011


We had a good morning at church. We are having a special Sunday next Sunday with a couple guest speakers from the States.  Each children’s class is going to sing a song and quote two verses.  We have been working on Ephesians 2:8-9 with our six and under class and a song called “I Believe the Bible.”  They did fine when we practiced in Sunday school, but when we tried it again during junior church, they acted like they had forgotten everything.  We will see how it goes next week.  Our boys are going to get baptized next week.  They are excited about that too.
There were several visitors in the morning service.  One lady who came today for the first time got saved yesterday.  Joe said he thinks there will be about ten people getting baptized next Sunday.  There has not been a baptismal service in a while; so, there are several who need to be baptized.
Kristine made a chicken stew type dish in the crockpot for lunch.  When we got home, I whipped up some biscuits, and she made a salad.  We were all set.
After naps, I was not feeling well.  I think the antibiotic I am taking for the typhoid is pretty rough on the stomach.  Bonnie and I stayed home tonight.  Bonnie took me by the hand and said, “Mom, I’m staying with you because we have to stick together, right?”
When Joe and the boys got home from church, Gilbert said, “Mom, Dad only told some tiny stories tonight, but Danny and me were better than soldiers!  We sat up straight and tall the whole time!” 
A demain,
Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie