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Sunday, September 30, 2012

W’apow mu e,

We had a good day at church. We passed out the mosquito nets this

morning. We had oringinally planned to give them to the children.

But, the adults really wanted one too. So, we passed them out to

everyone who was there at the beginning of Sunday School. We still

had some left. So, we passed out the rest before church started.

Bonnie sat with her friends during Sunday school. Bonnie is so funny

when it is her turn to lead a song. She picks out each individual and

pulls them by the arm to the front. Then, she shows them exactly

where they should stand. If they aren’t holding the sign quite right,

she straightens it. She even straightened each helper’s chin today.

I had twenty in Sunday School. We had thirty by junior church time.

We had several children under the age of two today. A little boy

named Godfred was sitting next to me with his sister Barbara. Godfred

is about 18 months old, and Barbara is eight. Barbara was really

trying to listen to the story, and her brother started crying. She

asked if I could give him a toffee. I gave him one. As soon as he

finished that, he started crying again. So, Barbara went up to get

another piece of candy. I told her that he could not have another

one. I picked him up, and he started crying louder. So, I put him on

the bench between us. He was still crying. Barbara got up and moved

to a different bench so that she could hear the story better. I

picked Godfred up and walked outside with him. He immediately put his

head on my shoulder and stopped crying. I held him for the rest of

the class time, and he eventually fell asleep. Another little boy

kept trying to escape. It was a good thing that Ordeth taught the

lesson during junior church because I spent the whole time running


After church, some men from Brother Blay’s family came to further

discuss the funeral arrangements. Then, we headed home.

We had a good service this evening as well. About fifty kids decided

to play in the church yard during the preaching. Dan was preaching.

So, Joe went outside to get them to leave.

Nantsew yie!

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Mosquito Net Sunday

When New Life in Christ Baptist Church in Lusk, Wyoming, had their

Vacation Bible School this summer, the kids who came gave toward the

purchase of mosquito nets in Africa. With the money that they sent,

we were able to purchase 54 mosquito nets. We handed them out in

church today. We did not tell anyone ahead of time, or we would have

had a riot. We gave them out to the people who arrived first.

Between Sunday School and church, some children went home to tell

their parents that we were giving out mosquito nets. After church had

started and all of the mosquito nets had been handed out, a wave of

newcomers came. They did not get a mosquito net, but they did hear

the gospel.

All Around the Town

We live outside of town.  We pass through the village of Kansaworado on our way to Takoradi (the third largest town in Ghana).  This picture was taken in Kansaworado after a flash flood.
This is in Takoradi heading toward the market circle.  The market circle is one mile around.  It has little shops all the way around it and all over inside of the circle too.
If you need a trash can or any type of plastic container, this is where you go.
Ladies selling fruits and vegetables outside of the market circle
Inside a pharmacy
Takoradi-Sekondi is right beside the ocean.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

W’apow mu e, 


A few weeks ago, Joe was invited to the wedding of the second in command at the Immigration office.  Joe told him that he would go to the wedding.  So, the man wanted to put Joe on the program.  When it was time for the wedding to start this morning, out of the thirteen people listed on the program who were supposed to sit on the platform, Joe was the only one there.  The man who was supposed to be preaching did not arrive until the bride was coming down the aisle.  Joe was beginning to wonder if he was going to be doing a wedding today.  He did ask Joe to do the exchanging of the rings.  Joe said that it was a very nice wedding.  The groom was escorted down the aisle with Immigration officers in camouflage uniforms carrying swords.  Then, the bride and her father were also escorted by the same group carrying swords.  He said that there were probably 800 people there.

Joe said that when it was time for the groom to kiss the bride, the pastor said, “You may show your appreciation for her.”  They hugged because he had not told them to kiss.  People in the crowd were hissing because they were waiting for the kiss.  Joe leaned over and told the pastor to make them kiss.  So, the pastor said, “Would you like to show your appreciation further?”  (Joe was a little worried when he heard that question!)  Then, they kissed, and the people were happy.

The kids did some cleaning this morning.  They played for a while.  Then, I had both boys do some reading.  Bonnie wanted to “read” too.  Then, they went back outside.  

A few minutes later, Gilbert came running in and said, “Mom, I had a great idea to build a ramp for the bikes.  But, Danny tried it and had a big crash.  He’s hurt bad, Mom.”  About that time, in walked Danny.  There was blood everywhere.  I couldn’t tell where the blood was coming from at first.  I thought it must be coming from his head because of how much blood there was.  I got him cleaned up and found the cut on the back of his head.  After a few minutes, we got the bleeding mostly stopped.  It was not split open, just a good scrape.  After all of that, I asked Gilbert where the ramp was.  He said that it was in the dirt pile, which is at the bottom of our driveway.  Gilbert went out to show me what happened.  He had Danny start at the top of the driveway.  By the time he hit the ramp, he had picked up too much speed.  He flew off of the bike, and the bike landed on top of him.  The handlebars hit his head.  Later, Danny was telling me how it happened.  He said, “My chin hit the ground first.  Then, the bike landed on top of me.  I wasn’t lying like I was sleeping; I was facing the other way.”  He scraped up his chin and his arm too, but they weren’t bleeding.  In the middle of all of that, Bonnie was trying to show me a scrape on her knee that needed a band-aid.  Gilbert felt bad that Danny got hurt.  He said, “Maybe I should never have any great ideas again!”

We got some rain this afternoon.  The kids played outside again after naps.  The rain had stopped by that time.

We were back to load shedding tonight.  We had not had it for a couple nights.  We thought maybe it was over, but that was wishful thinking.

Nantsew yie!


Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Friday, September 28, 2012

W’apow mu e, 


Joe took the kids to school.  Then, we went to town.  

Joe dropped me off at Melcoms to do some shopping.  He and Martin went in search of mosquito nets.  (A church in the States took up money during their VBS for mosquito nets for people in our church.)  The man who said that he could get them in bulk never did.  All of the places that had some a couple weeks ago had all sold out today. 

I started out at Melcoms.  Danny broke one of his drink bottles that goes in his lunch bag.  So, I needed to find something different for him.  I also found a couple things for Danny’s birthday, which is coming up in a few weeks.  I headed toward the market circle and found a couple more things along the way.  I talked to Joe, and he said that they had not been able to find any mosquito nets.  So, I decided to stop and ask at a couple pharmacies as I headed toward the grocery store where I was supposed to meet Joe.  I found a pharmacy not far from Garden Mart that had some.  We were able to get 54 mosquito nets.

After all of that, we stopped at the post office.  We ate lunch at the snack shop at the golf course and then headed home to unload the car so that Joe could go pick the kids up from school.

When the kids were emptying out their lunch bags, Gilbert was telling me that he ate and drank everything in his bag.  He said, “I was hungrier than a live elephant, Mom!”  : )

The kids had a good day at school.  They were all ready to go play outside when they got home.  We emptied the pool since the pump stopped working.  The kids have been using the hose to clean it out.  Danny came running inside to tell Joe that there was a snake in the pool.  The snake went inside the pipe but came back out again, and Joe killed it.  After they worked on the pool, they helped LF wash the car.  They also got some oranges out of the tree.  The tree is full of oranges, and some of them are starting to get ripe.

We usually save Friday’s homework for Saturday.  But, Danny and Bonnie wanted to get theirs finished tonight.  Gilbert just has a poem that he has to work on learning.

I played a few games of Go Fish with the kids tonight.  Everyone won a game; so, there weren’t too many tears shed.  Bonnie was the only one who cried.  I told her we couldn’t play any more if she was going to cry when she didn’t win.  She decided that she would rather play again than cry.

Nantsew yie!


Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Thursday, September 27, 2012

W’apow mu e, 


Joe took the kids to school.  Then, he met the generator repairman at the taxi station.  The repairman put a sealant on the area with the leak; however, when we fired up the generator this afternoon, the patch did not hold.  He said that he will have to take the motor completely apart to fix it, and that will take some time.  He said that until “load shedding” has stopped that we should just keep adding oil to it every time we use it.  

Joe went into town to get a new air filter for the generator.  He actually found a brand new one.  He also went to exchange a converter that we bought recently.  The boss was not in, and they did not want to exchange it.  Joe had them call the boss.  The boss told them to exchange it.  Joe was pretty excited that he set out to do two things and actually got both of them accomplished.

I did some work in the office this morning.  I got a couple loads of laundry done before the power went off this afternoon.  I guess they decided to be nice to us since the power was off this afternoon because they did not turn it back off this evening for load shedding.

The kids had a good day at school.  They played outside for a couple hours when they got home.  I thought that they must have gotten into something because we did not hear a peep from them for quite a while.  Then, Gilbert got bit by an ant and sent Bonnie in to report about it.  I was in the middle of making pizza for supper.  So, Joe went out to check on him.  Gilbert said that he could not come because he could not move.  He was back up and going momentarily.  The kids helped me put the toppings on the pizza.

After supper, Bonnie was hiding from the brothers.  She got behind a chair that was in the corner by climbing over the top of the chair.  Then, she could not get back out.  The boys were trying to help her get out.  Bonnie started crying.  We asked what was wrong.  Gilbert said, “We just smashed her head a little.”

Gilbert and Bonnie had homework tonight.  Then, Gilbert did some combination flashcards.  Danny got a couple of them right before Gilbert did.  


Nantsew yie!


Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Tuesday – Wednesday, September 25-26, 2012

W’apow mu e, 


We did not get an e-mail sent yesterday.  I will bring you up to date on both days.

On Tuesday morning, Joe took the kids to school.  Then, he and Dan met with Brother Blay’s family concerning funeral arrangements.  They had to wait until the spokesman for the family arrived.  He said that they would like for the church to handle the entire funeral.  That is very unusual here.  Usually the family is in charge of everything.  It will be a great opportunity to witness to the unsaved family members.  The funeral will be October 27.  

Joe and I went into town to run a few errands.  We ate lunch before we headed to pick the kids up from school.  The place where we ate brings out bread and butter before the meal.  My butter was rancid, and I didn’t discover it until after I had taken a big bite.  They brought me some more, and it was fine.

The hot, dry season has arrived.  We did some walking in town, and it was toasty warm.  

The kids had a good day at school.  They were excited to see that I had come with Daddy to pick them up from school.  There are about ten other children and two adults who ride home with them every day; so, I usually don’t go.

I started to get a migraine in the evening and went to bed early.  It was a load shedding night.  Joe stayed up until the power came back on so that he could turn the generator off.

This morning, Joe took the kids to school.  Then, he did some office work.  I still had a headache; it started letting up this afternoon.

Joe waited around all day for the generator repairman to come today.  The generator has an oil leak.  The guy never showed up.  Maybe he will come tomorrow.

As we were getting ready for church this evening, the power went off.  It was not a “scheduled” night, but we thought maybe they had changed the schedule.  It was off at the church too.  We got the candles all lit and were sitting there waiting until it was time for church to start.  One of the guys came in from outside and noticed that the power had come back on.  He turned the lights on to let us know that we had power.  It is so much nicer to have those fans moving!  The kids had fun blowing all of the candles out.  We had a good service with twelve in attendance.  


Nantsew yie!


Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Monday, September 24, 2012

W’apow mu e, 


Bonnie was up early this morning.  Joe usually wakes the kids up by saying, “School day, school day; good old golden rule day; Reading, writing, ‘rithmetic…”  Bonnie went in to wake Joe up.  She said, “School day, school day; Reading, writing, ticks me off.” 


Gilbert was carrying on an animated conversation during breakfast until I asked how he was feeling.  His voice changed and he said, “Not so good.”  He decided that he would rather go to school than stay in bed all day.  He did fine.  It must have been a 24-hour bug.  Joe has still been under the weather today, but maybe he will feel better tomorrow.


I worked on folding laundry this morning.  I got one load of laundry washed before the power went off.  It was off for several hours.  Apparently the whole system was down because they were working on something.  I reorganized the boys’ dresser drawers.  They have been putting their own laundry piles away, and they are not too particular about how they do it.  Then, I made some cookies.


The kids had a good day at school.  Bonnie was the only one who had homework tonight.  They don’t always take a nap in K-4; so, Bonnie was a bit grouchy.


The boys brought their box of cars out to the living room to have races.  Bonnie was making a line with the cars.  Danny was in trouble for messing up her line.


Nantsew yie!


Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Sunday, September 23, 2012

W’apow mu e, 


Gilbert said that he did not feel very well this morning.  He did not have a temperature and wasn’t throwing up.  So, we all went to church.  Just before Sunday School started, Gilbert threw up.  He spent most of the morning sitting outside my classroom on the sidewalk with his water bottle.  He was a trooper and made it through the morning.  He did not eat much at lunch time and slept all afternoon.  He was feeling a little better when he woke up but had a bad headache and waves of nausea throughout the evening.

We had a good church service this morning.  An electrician from Accra attends Calvary Baptist Church in Accra.  He is doing some work at a hotel in town and saw our church sign, Mt. Calvary Baptist Church.  So, he decided to come to our church this morning.  He brought a friend with him.  His friend, George, raised his hand for salvation and came straight forward to be saved.  That was a blessing.

I had ten in my Sunday School class and thirty-two in my junior church.  They were wound up this morning.  A lot of the children in that class have not started school yet; therefore, they don’t speak or understand English.  Some who come faithfully have learned some of the songs and are starting to participate more.  I am working on the Fante but am struggling with that.  

I kept the kids at home tonight since Gilbert still wasn’t feeling well.  When Joe got home from church, he was sick with the same symptoms that Gilbert has.  So, it must be some type of virus.  Hopefully they won’t share it with all of us.  


Nantsew yie!


Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Saturday, September 22, 2012

W’apow mu e, 


Joe went up to the church for visitation this morning.  Dan was sick.  So, Joe went to make some visits by himself.  A couple other people called him when he was almost done visiting to see if he had left to go visiting yet.  He had a good visit with Bright this morning.  (He is the man that is in the Ghanaian Air Force.  He just got married in August.)

The kids came running in to tell me that there was a shrew in the pool.  It wasn’t a shrew; it was a rat.  Danny had gotten the net out and had chased the rat into the pump area.  I took a piece of PVC pipe and hit the rat a couple times.  The third time, the rat held on to the bottom of the pipe.  I hit it one more time on the ground, and it was dead.  The kids didn’t think it was dead because its legs were still moving.  Then, I had to find something that I could use to pick it up without having to touch it.  I threw it in the bush.

After that excitement, the kids built forts out in the guest room for a while.  We did not do much work today.  We just took it easy.

The power went off last night for our normal load shedding.  It went off right during supper.  We had a candlelight dinner momentarily while Joe went outside to start up the generator.  The power went off and an all morning today, but it finally stabilized.  Gilbert asked me tonight if it was first or second night; he knows that every other night the power goes off.  He was glad that it was a “first night.”

I trimmed Bonnie’s bangs and gave the boys a haircut tonight.  When Gilbert’s hair gets long enough for the wind to blow it, he thinks it is time for a haircut.  


Nantsew yie!


Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie