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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

W’apow mu e, 


We had load shedding this morning.  The power was off for three hours.  The good news is that the washing machine works with the new generator!

I worked on typing Sunday School lessons this morning.  Joe went into town to run some errands.

The kids had a good day at school.  They all rested for a little while when they got home.  Bonnie went to sleep; that is a long day of school without a nap for a four-year-old.

I got supper ready.  Then, we headed to church.  We had a good service with ten in attendance.  

We are reading one of Danny’s new books at bed time.  It is a book about Hank the cowdog.  It had us all laughing tonight.  The dog is a detective, and the book is written from a dog’s perspective.


Nantsew yie!


Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

W’apow mu e, 


Joe took the kids to school.  Then, he picked up the generator man from the taxi station.  He got our new generator all set up and ready to go. 


Joe took me into town this morning.  We went to a couple stores and then ate lunch at the Chinese restaurant. 


The kids had a good day at school.  They were all ready to play outside as soon as they got home. 


After supper, we quickly got showers in before the power went off for the night.  The new generator is working nicely!


Then, we worked on homework. Everyone had homework tonight.


Nantsew yie!


Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie


Monday, October 29, 2012

W’apow mu e, 


Joe took the kids to school.  Then, he left the vehicle with the mechanic to get the oil changed.  He came home in a taxi.  He took the Aarons’ vehicle into town.  There was a problem with the battery port; he got that fixed.  Then, he did some generator shopping.  The generator that we have is about worn out; we have had it for several years.  He wanted to sell it while he can still get something out of it and get something that will be dependable since we have been relying on the generator a lot lately.


I had a laundry marathon today.  Since the power was off all day on Friday and we weren’t home much this weekend, the laundry was piling up.  I got four loads done today.  That is a good laundry day here.  It takes about two hours for each load to wash.


We got some Fun-da-middle cupcake mixes in a package last week.  So, I made one of those today.  This one was chocolate cake with vanilla filling.  Yummy!


Joe had to walk quite a ways before he found a taxi to take him to the mechanic to get our vehicle.  When he got there, the car wasn’t ready.  He waited for them to finish and was a few minutes late to pick the kids up from school.  Bonnie was in tears because Daddy wasn’t there, and her teacher would not let her sit next to Danny.  She was still upset when they got home from school.


The kids played outside while I got supper ready.  They put the outside toys away, but they forgot to lock the door.  Joe noticed later that the key was missing.  He sent the boys outside to lock the door and get the key.  They were scared to go out there in the dark.  They had a flashlight, but they were still scared.  I think they will remember the key next time.


The kids did the dishes tonight.  Then, they were all busy coloring.  They did not have homework tonight.  Bonnie brought her book to me because she said that it was my turn to color. 


We read some of one of Danny’s new books tonight.  He carries those books around the house with him.  This morning when he first got up, he could not find them and went into panic mode.  He said, “I had them right by my pillow when I went to sleep last night.”  I told him that they probably fell in the floor.  He went to his room, turned the light on, and found the books; in doing so, he woke Gilbert up.  

Nantsew yie!


Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie


Sunday, October 28, 2012

W’apow mu e, 


We had one longer service this morning for the “thanksgiving service” after the funeral yesterday.  About eighty people from Brother Blay’s family came to church this morning.  Bonnie made friends with Mrs. Blay and another lady who came with her, Auntie Esther.  She greeted them both in Fante and ended up sitting by them until the children were dismissed for junior church.  

I had forty-one in my class today.  My helper stayed through the lesson and then disappeared.  She came back eventually.  I was about to pull my hair out.  

Joe said that the auditorium service went well.  Six adults raised their hand for salvation during the invitation.  They talked to them after the service.  They did not understand enough yet to get saved this morning, but we will keep working with them.  Auntie Esther said that she really enjoyed the services and that she would be back on Wednesday night.  She said that she usually attends a Deeper Life church; she was amazed at how quiet and calm the service was and that she could actually hear and understand the message being preached.  She is one of the people who raised their hand for salvation.  

As soon as church was over, Bonnie went in search of her friends, Auntie Esther and Auntie Abigail.  They both told Bonnie that they would be at church on Wednesday night.

We came home and had lunch.  Around 3:00, Joe went back up to the church to pick Dan up for the closing ceremonies of the funeral.  They serve Coke and some type of food.  Gifts are presented to the family.  The person giving the gift makes a statement.  Then, the family makes a statement.  We gave them the offering that was taken up during the funeral yesterday and also a gift from the church.  The lady who works at our house a couple days a week came to church tonight for the first time; she usually attends a Pentecostal church.  She has been coming to our Learning to Read program too.

We played a game of Monopoly Jr. after supper tonight.  Daddy played too.  Danny won this time.  Danny kept saying, “I’m taking you down, Dad!”  Gilbert landed on the “free parking” spot and said, “Praise the Lord!  I was praying for that money!”  Bonnie lost, but she didn’t cry about it.  She almost did but remembered that she wasn’t supposed to cry when she loses.  Maybe we are making progress.


Nantsew yie!


Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Saturday, October 27, 2012

W’apow mu e, 


Wow!  What a day! 


All things considered, the funeral went well.  We got to the church about 8:00.  The funeral was supposed to start at 9:00.  About 8:30, Joe and Dan went to try to hurry the family along.  9:00 came and went; we were still waiting on the body and the family to arrive.  About 9:40, they brought the body.  Most of the family had arrived by 9:50.  So, we got started.  We ran out of room inside.  We had over 200 people inside and ended up with more than that outside.  I had our kids move to the floor beside me to free up a couple more seats.  I just sat at the keyboard the whole time.  The songs and testimonies went well.  I had my clarinet on a chair next to me.  Danny was getting a little antsy on the floor.  So, I moved my clarinet and had him sit next to me.  We had explained to them about the casket and that it was just Brother Blay’s earthly body in the coffin.  It did not register with Danny until the sermon started.  He started sobbing saying that he missed Brother Blay.  I told him that he will see him again in Heaven; he made me cry too. 


About halfway through the sermon, a dump truck load of drunk people showed up.  (That is not just a play on words.  It really was a dump truck full of people!)  A couple of our men were outside to keep people in order.  They shut the gates and would not let the truck enter.  The people in the truck were whooping and hollering.  Evans was preaching.  So, Joe stepped outside and shut the door to try to block out the noise a little.  He said that he walked right up to the guy who was the ring leader of those in the dump truck and talked to him very calmly.  Joe spoke to him in Fante and asked them to show respect for the family and not to interrupt the service any further.  Then, Joe turned to an older man who was there for the funeral and asked him to please ask “his sons” to keep quiet.  Age is really respected here.  Joe said that the people in the truck got very quiet after that.  The truck backed up and just sat there and waited until the service was over.  Joe said that our church people were amazed at how he handled the situation.  We narrowly avoided a riot.  Many times windows are broken and other such things during funerals here.


After the funeral service was over, the kids and I went home in a taxi.  There was a traffic jam on the road going out to our house.  Martin rode in the taxi with us.  Gilbert said, “I think we should just get out and walk” when he saw that the traffic was not moving.  Bonnie disagreed.  I thought maybe it was because she was too tired and did not want to walk.  But, she said, “All of those black people will be saying, ‘Brony, brony, brony!’ all the way home, and I don’t want to hear that right now.”  “Brony” is the Fante word for white man, and she had already heard that all morning.  : )

Joe went on to the cemetery for the graveside service.  It got rather wild at the cemetery.  Joe said that the Africans are deathly afraid of cemeteries.  So, they act out to try to hide their fear.  The people from the dump truck were throwing rocks at each other.  Joe said that as he was speaking, he deflected one rock with his hand.  Then, when he turned to walk away, he got hit with a good-sized rock in the back.  The people who saw it happen were very upset that the rock throwers hit the pastor. 


Many people heard a clear presentation of the gospel today.  That’s the important thing.  The Blay family has also been invited to attend church tomorrow.  They usually have a “thanksgiving” service the day after the funeral. Please pray that we will see souls saved as a result and that some of his family members will begin coming to church.


One of the teachers who rides to school with Joe and the kids every day called Joe this morning and said that her son was very sick and was in the hospital.  After the funeral, Joe and Dan went to visit Renard.  He has malaria.


Joe got home about 4:00 and was all done in.  We went to the Lebanese restaurant to get supper and brought the food home.  Right as we got home, the power went off for load shedding.


The kids and I played Danny’s new game tonight after the kids did their homework.


Nantsew yie!


Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie


Friday, October 26, 2012

W’apow mu e, 


It was pouring down rain this morning and had rained hard all night.  Joe went to see if the bridge was under water.  It was not; so, we got ready for school.

Danny had requested cowboy cake (coffee cake) for his birthday breakfast this morning.  I got that made and got their lunches packed.  We had the cupcakes ready for Danny to take to his class.  In the hurry of getting out the door, the cupcakes got left behind.  Joe told Danny he would bring them up there before snack time.  Danny was fine with that.  

About 7:30 this morning, our power went off.  It stayed off until 4:30 this afternoon.  I told Joe that I thought that the power company must have a list of our birthdays so that they can be sure to turn the power off on those days.  : )  It was off on my birthday too.

Joe needed to do some things in town.  He dropped the cupcakes off at the school and then went into town.  Today is Tabaski, a Muslim holiday.  So, a lot of things were closed.  He needed to get copies made.  The place near us where he usually gets copies made had no power; so, they couldn’t make copies.  The places in town were closed.  He finally found a place.  Halfway through the copies, their copier broke down.    He tried to get them made yesterday, but he had taken a colored copy.  When he found out the price of colored copies, he decided to do a gray scale.  At least he was able to get 100 copies made of the program for the funeral tomorrow.

I wrapped Danny’s presents, made a birthday cake, and decorated for his party.  

When the kids got home from school, Joe fried fish for supper.  I made some fried potatoes to go with that.  After supper, we had cake and ice cream.  Then, Danny opened presents.  We even got a game of pin the tail on the donkey in before we had to go up to the church.  

Several people came to help arrange the auditorium for the funeral tomorrow.  We had to move benches out of the Sunday School classrooms into the auditorium to have enough seating for tomorrow.  Tonight, the guys were there for music practice, but the girls were all an hour late.  We went through both songs a few times.  It sounds pretty good.

Joe went to the wake just to make an appearance.  He just got home.

Please pray for the funeral tomorrow that souls will be saved and that everything will go smoothly.

Nantsew yie!


Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Thursday, October 25, 2012

W’apow mu e, 


It rained again this morning which made for a muddy trip to school.  

Joe went into town with my grocery list.  I stayed home to make cupcakes for Danny to take to school tomorrow on his birthday.  I also got some practicing in on the keyboard.

Danny had to go to the office yesterday for talking.  He said that the girl next to him was not doing her paper right, and he was trying to tell her that she was doing it wrong.  The teacher told him to stop talking, but Danny was very concerned about the girl next to him.  He talked again to try to set her straight and had to go to the office.  Today, we asked him if he went to the office.  He said, “Nope!  A girl even talked to me, but I didn’t answer her.  I just took care of myself.”  

This evening, we went up to the church for a music practice.  All but one showed up, although one lady was thirty minutes late.  

When I made the cupcakes, I had a little extra batter.  So, I made a small cake with it.  We were eating that for a snack.  After everyone got a piece, there was still some left.  I asked if anyone wanted a little sliver.  I guess the kids had not heard the word “sliver” before.  Bonnie said, “Mom, I’m eating my snorter.”  Close!!

Gilbert wants to make sure that I get his special package wrapped for Danny for tomorrow.  I told him I would get it wrapped while he is at school tomorrow.  


Nantsew yie!


Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

W’apow mu e, 


We had torrential rains this morning.  Joe said that parts of the road were under water on the way to school this morning.  It rained off and on throughout the day.


We had planned on going into town today.  With the heavy rain, we decided not to go.  Joe did some office work.  I practiced the keyboard and got some other things done.


Our power went off a couple times today due to the weather.  When it came back on the second time, one phase was off.  When one phase is off, the electric meter beeps constantly.  After a couple hours of listening to that beep, we were all about to go crazy!  The power went off for load shedding just before we left for church; at least the beeping stopped.  : )


We had another candlelight service since the power was off.  We had ten in attendance tonight.  The rain did cool it off a little.  It was about 75 degrees outside; that is jacket weather here.  It was definitely hotter inside than it was outside; I was sweating up a storm.


Danny had some bites that were itching.  He wanted to take his shirt off in the car on the way home.  I told him just to wait until we got home.  Bonnie said, “Danny, you can’t take your shirt off in the car because there isn’t a dirty clothes basket to put it in in the car.”  That was not my line of thinking.  : )


Nantsew yie!


Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

W’apow mu e, 


Joe took the kids to school.  Then, he worked on the program for the funeral.  I did some more practicing on the keyboard.  I got three more songs today that I need to be able to play by Saturday.  

Danny seems to be starting to feel better today.  Joe said that he asked 100 questions today on the way home from school.

It rained off and on throughout the day today.  The kids wanted to play outside when they got home from school.  It was raining.  So, they played in the guest room until the rain stopped; then, they got the bikes and scooters out and played outside until supper time.  

Bonnie had to go to the office today for removing her shoes.  She knows what “remove” means now; so, she had no excuses.  The principal just talked to her today and told her not to do that any more.

I tried a new recipe for supper tonight – chicken tortilla soup.  It was pretty good; Bonnie and Danny weren’t too thrilled with it.

During supper tonight, Joe was asking Gilbert about the “beautiful tasting coffee” from last night.  Gilbert said that he didn’t really drink it; he just pretended to drink it to try to get Danny to drink it.  He had me fooled; I thought he really drank it.  He thought that was funny.

We all watched a movie and ate popcorn tonight.  Bonnie fell asleep on the couch.  It is so funny to watch the boys’ facial expressions when something unexpected happens.


Nantsew yie!


Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Monday, October 22, 2012

W’apow mu e, 


Gilbert and Danny were both up when I got up at 5:30.  That was strange!  

Danny seems to be feeling fine other than a persistent cough.  He went on to school today.  He said, “Mom, this evening at school, all I could do was cough.”  He meant this afternoon.  He fell asleep a little after 7:00 this evening.  

This morning, I made some cookies, worked on laundry, and did some cleaning.  

After Joe picked the kids up from school, he and Dan went to visit a man who used to attend our church to let him know about Brother Blay’s funeral.  Joe came back home to eat supper.  Then, he was off again to go to the Siekberts’ church for a revival that they are having.

Gilbert wanted to make something for Danny’s birthday.  So, we decided to make a “fort” for some of their army men in a box.  We lined the box with construction paper first.  Then, he got some of their army men to put inside of it.  It was all top secret.  He didn’t want Bonnie to come in while we were working on it for fear that she would tell Danny.

When the kids were clearing the table after supper, Gilbert decided to drink the last little drop of coffee in Joe’s cup.  He said, “Danny, you’ve got to try this; it’s the most beautiful taste ever!”  I would definitely not describe the taste of coffee as “beautiful,” but some probably would.  Danny was not convinced either.


Nantsew yie!


Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie