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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

W’apɔw mu ɛ?

The kids were still worn out from yesterday. They played outside for a while this morning.

Joe went to the immigration office to get the paperwork for our residents’ permits. It is time to apply for those once again. We are approved to be in the country for three years, but we still have to renew the residents’ permits on a yearly basis. All of his friends at the immigration office were happy to see him. One of the main men had been transferred to a different region; so, he was not sure if anyone would remember him or not. But, they greeted him by name and took him to see the commander.

I worked on filling out the paperwork all morning. Joe has to get a health certificate, and we need passport pictures for Gilbert. Then, we will be ready to turn it all in unless they decide there is some other paper that we need.

After supper, the kids and I had a laundry folding party while we watched a movie. Joe was doing an interview for his missions podcast.

Nantsew yie!

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Monday, April 29, 2013

W’apɔw mu ɛ?

The kids were up bright and early this morning. They were so excited about going to the ocean today. Danny was hopping up and down the hallway sideways; he could not stay still. Joe started imitating him; all of the kids thought that was funny.

We headed for the ocean around 9:00. We met the Siekberts at the ocean. We had a fun day. Danny loves to ride the waves on the boogie board. He let everyone else have a turn; then, he was back out there again. Gilbert does not like to go on the boogie board usually. Joe finally talked him into it. The biggest wave would have to come along about that time. It flipped the board over. When Gilbert told the story, he said, “I held my breath for four hours!” Danny said, “Gilbert, we weren’t even in the water for four hours!” It was more like five seconds, but it seemed like an eternity to Gilbert.

After we played in the ocean for a while, we walked down to the “monkey restaurant” for lunch. We had a great time of fellowship and a very relaxing day.

 photo kids_zps60b16c27.jpg

(Our boys were sitting down and had kicked their shoes off.  When they spotted the monkey, they all ran to watch him. Nehemiah is standing next to Bonnie; he is the same age as Danny.  Gilbert was not thrilled that he and Bonnie accidentally matched.  They each brought a change of clothes in for me to put in the bag.  Gilbert was trying to think of ways that they did not match – hair, shoes, etc.)

All of the kids had leg cramps this evening after all of the running and swimming in the ocean today. They were all ready for bed early tonight!

Nantsew yie!

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Sunday, April 28, 2013 “Give me that all time division!”

W’apɔw mu ɛ?

We had a good morning at church. The church service starts later than we are used to starting; so it seems like we have a lot of time on Sunday mornings.

At church, the school principal and his wife brought their new baby for dedication. The pastor read the baby’s name, and I thought it was strange that he would read the name and not just tell us the name…until he started reading it. The baby boy’s name is… (Are you ready for this?)… Praise OluwaTobi OluwaDarasimi Semiloore Ikeoluwa Victor Oluwabgenga Olamide Jayden Russell Tom Malone Williams. I guess they are going to call him Tom! I had to go and ask the father what all of those names meant: Praise, God is Good, God is Good to me, God has given me a gift, The Lord is the Victor, God has elevated me, My wealth has come, Jaden, Russell, Tom Malone Williams. I guess this is quite common in Nigeria, and that is where his parents are from originally.

When we got home from church, Bonnie was singing, “Give me that all time division! Give me that all time division! Give me that all time division! It’s good enough for me!” Sometimes she just make us roll laughing!  She heard “Give me that old time religion…” for the first time at church today; that was what she got out of that song!  : )  None of our kids understood the song; so, we explained it to them.

Everyone took a good nap today, and I recorded and edited an interview for Missionary on Fire. This podcasting is a lot of fun! I have some exciting things in the works. I hope that I will be able to land these interviews that I have thought about! I know that you are going to enjoy them. If you don’t know what I am talking about, go to and check out these interviews.

Just before we left for church, the electricity went off. About a minute later, I heard the generator start. Danny has learned how to open the room to the generator and start it up. Man, he was on the ball!

We had a good evening service. The Morgans are back in town; so we had a good time talking with them today.

Laura is not feeling well this evening  She has already gone to bed. She did not want you to miss the new baby’s name or Bonnie’s rendition of “Old Time Religion!”

Nantsew yie!

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Saturday, April 27, 2013

W’apɔw mu ɛ?

The kids requested Dutch pancakes for breakfast today. We do not usually have any leftovers when we have Dutch pancakes. As Danny started on his third one, he thought that it was the last one. Gilbert asked for another one, and Danny offered his to him. I told Danny that there was still one left on the plate; he was happy to hear that, but it was good that he thought of others.

Joe went to the church for the soul winning class today. On his way home, he went to the pharmacy. I have a heat rash that has turned into a bacterial/fungal infection. The pharmacist fixed me up with a special soap, a special shampoo, and an oral medicine. He also mixed up a special cream for me; it burns like fire; it should kill something!

This morning, Bonnie was humming a “song” and asked me if I knew which song it was. When I could not guess the song from her monotone humming, she said, “You know, Mom. It’s ‘Amazing grace how sweet the stars.'”

The kids helped me around the house this morning. I was not feeling very well. They washed the dishes. Then, they folded the laundry and put it away.

This afternoon, Gilbert said that he was wishing we could have pizza for supper. They have all been wanting to make something on their own. After Bonnie’s last attempt at making a “special ingredient” which turned out disgusting, I told her that she could not do that anymore because she was just wasting ingredients. So, I let them make personal pan pizzas tonight. I made the dough and the sauce and then let them put everything in their own pan. They thought that was great.

About halfway through the baking of the pizzas, the gas bottle ran out. Joe got the bottle changed, and we were back in business.

Nantsew yie!

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Friday, April 26, 2013

W’apɔw mu ɛ?

Joe had an appointment in town at 9:00 this morning. On his way into town, they called to change the time of the appointment to this afternoon. So, he came back home.

The Fante teacher came in a taxi this morning. The kids had another long lesson today. They did well. They can sound out words in Fante now. Even Bonnie got some right. The teacher got tickled when they were doing the “m” blends. Gilbert started out in a low voice with “ma,” and his voice got higher and higher pitched as he went. The teacher laughed and then told him not to sing it. Gilbert explained that he wasn’t singing; his voice was just getting “louder.” (He meant higher.) Teacher Adoko tried to get him to do it again so that Joe could hear him, but then he was embarrassed and would not do it.

After they finished, I taught Janet’s lesson. She is working on learning to sign her name. I thought we were never going to get the capital “J” down, but she finally got it, at least for today.

We all went into town after lunch. A lady who had her baby last week asked Joe to come and pray for the baby today. It is their custom to keep the baby inside for the first week; then, on the 7th day, a preacher prays for the baby and sends him outside. It was pouring down rain; so, they held off on the “sending outside” part. We visited with them for a while. Then, we went to the post office. We all went inside to check our PO box. We had two pieces of mail, and they were both for someone we did not know. They had our box number on them but not our name. The kids were hoping for a package slip. From there, we went to the grocery store and then headed home.

On the way home, Gilbert had to go to the bathroom. Joe told him to think of something else like a big juicy hamburger. He had us all hungry for hamburgers then! When Gilbert said that he was hungry, Danny said, “Well, think about jumping over houses from one tall building to another!” Then, Danny said, “Did that take your mind off of being hungry?” Gilbert said, “I’m not hungry any more, but I don’t want to be the one jumping from building to building either!” Guess what we had for supper?? Joe grilled hamburgers!

Nantsew yie!

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Thursday, April 25, 2013

W’apɔw mu ɛ?

The Fante teacher came in a taxi this morning. The kids were so excited when he came. They thought their lesson was a little long today; he taught them for an hour. They are still working on the Fante alphabet. He introduces a couple new letters and then makes blends and words using those new letters. He played several games with them to keep them interested. They only have one more week of break, and the teacher’s daughter is getting married next week. So, I may have to finish up the alphabet with them. He wants them to be able to read Fante first. Danny kept saying, “I don’t know what that means.” Teacher Adoko told him not to worry about the meanings right now. I like to know what things mean too!

Joe got the Aarons from the airport last night. They arrived safely with all of their luggage. They were loading everything into the vehicles, and Andrew remembered that they did not have the car seat. So, he went back in to the baggage claim area and got the car seat.

Joe did some running around Accra today with the Aarons. He flew back here this afternoon. He got home in time for supper.

Bonnie was shutting a closet door this morning and somehow pinched the middle of both hands. She started out with a band-aid, but it did not stay on very long. She would play for a while and then remember that her hands were hurting.

Gilbert’s shoes got wet when they played in the rain yesterday. He set them on a shelf outside to dry, and the dog found his shoes. Gilbert said, “It’s the worst day of my life; my new shoes are ruined!” It was a used pair of shoes that I found at the market, but they were new to him. I think they are still wearable.

I tried a new recipe for crock pot chicken and dumplings tonight; it turned out great. Everyone is glad to have Daddy back at home. He brought a few goodies from Accra and some gifts from the Aarons; the kids wanted him to unpack his bag right away! Danny already wrote a thank-you note to the Aarons. After he wrote it, he said, “Now, how are we going to get this to them, Mom?”

Continue to pray for my sister, Amy Weido. She is in the hospital for the delivery of their third child. Pray for Grandma Davis too and her battle with cancer.

Nantsew yie!

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

From Drought to Downpour – Wednesday, April 24, 2013

W’apɔw mu ɛ?

This morning, Joe went down to check on the well. He tried to pump water last night, but there was still no water this morning. He discovered that the well was dry. So, he went in to town to get a water truck to come before he left for Accra this morning.

The Fante teacher came in a taxi. About halfway through the kids’ Fante lesson, the water truck came. The kids were just itching to go outside to watch the water truck. Teacher Adoko turned them loose. He ended up outside too.

 photo P1040143_zps5277d9f2.jpg

After the water truck came, Joe left for Accra. Teacher Adoko’s taxi came right about that same time.

The kids and I made some Fun-da-middle cupcakes that we got in a package. Yesterday, I found pretzels in town. We received some almond bark back before Christmas. I had been saving some of it until we could find pretzels. So, I let the kids help with that project too. Just as we were getting that project started, Janet came to practice baking cakes. So, I was overseeing her putting the ingredients in the bowl and trying to help the kids dip their pretzels all at the same time. Somehow we got both projects accomplished.

Around 11:00, it poured down rain for about an hour. The kids were all outside playing in the rain. Janet’s younger sister came with her today. She played with the kids too until they started running out in the rain; she stayed under the carport.

 photo P1040146_zps634c0815.jpg
 photo P1040147_zpsad09fd3f.jpg

After naps, the kids were back outside again. By this afternoon, we could not even tell that it had rained this morning.

Joe made it to Accra about 3:30 this afternoon. He did not have any trouble along the way. Thank you for your prayers! He will fly back home tomorrow afternoon.

The kids and I had our own church service tonight. The boys both read a Bible story. Bonnie was our song leader. Then, we mentioned some prayer requests and prayed for those.

Pray for my sister, Amy Weido. She will be induced tomorrow for the delivery of their third child. Pray for Grandma Davis, as her health continues to decline. Pray for Joe as he travels back home tomorrow.

Joe was at the airport waiting for the Aarons the last time I talked to him.

Nantsew yie!

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Joe’s Podcast Episode #020

This week, the kids are out of school, and they have been wanting to be part of the podcast. So, ready or not, here are the Consford kids!

I had Laura interview the kids about things they learned at school.  Laura’s family used to do this on cassette tape when she was a kid.  During one such recording, just after Laura finished reciting or singing something, her brother said, “I’m warning you! That was Laura!”

We also had a question from my cousin, Bonnie Kelly.  She asks me how we tell Bible stories here in Ghana and what my favorite Bible story is and why that would be my favorite.  You will just have to listen to hear my answer!

If you have questions, please fell free to call us at (936) 553-5234 and leave your message as a voice mail. If you have access to a computer with a microphone, you can click on the button on the right side of the screen that says “Send Voicemail” to ask a question. Once you click on that button, just follow the instructions, and the voice mail will be sent to my e-mail. There is also a new option.  If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you can also click on the “Send Voicemail” tab, and you will be asked to download the “Speak Pipe” app.  Once again, just follow the directions on your device, and you will be able to record a voice mail and send it to me via your iPhone or iPad.  Or you can e-mail your question to us at, and I will read it as part of the show. We will do our best to answer all of the questions as part of future shows.

Thanks for listening every week!  Have a great week, and God bless!

Monday-Tuesday, April 22-23, 2013

(Our internet was down yesterday; so, you will get two days’ worth today.)

Monday, April 22, 2013

W’apɔw mu ɛ?

Yesterday, the screen on Joe’s computer quit working completely. It has had different colored lines running across the screen for a couple months. He took it into town today. A computer repairman first thought that it was the screen. The first screen that they brought was for a different type of computer. They could not find a screen for our computer, but they found an adapter that would make the screen work. After all of that, it was not the screen. It was the video card. The man took a blow-dryer like tool, melted a couple pieces of plastic, and the computer worked again. Joe spent the whole day in town with the computer. He did get a hair cut in since the barber shop was right by the computer shop.

The power went off at 8:00 this morning and was off until 4:00 this afternoon. We got some things done around the house today. Gilbert was on water detail – filling all of the filters. Danny made tea, koolaid, and milk. Bonnie was rinsing the dishes for me. The boys got to help with the dishes too.

I guess all of the talk about computers inspired the kids to make computers today. Gilbert made his out of styrofoam and cardboard. Danny made his out of a plastic lid, a transparency, and cardboard. Bonnie started working on one too because Danny was not helping her fast enough; hers was a piece of paper.

It looked like rain this evening, and Joe was all done in. So, we did not go for a walk. Martin came. The kids played with him for a while. Then, he stayed for supper. We watched “Jumanji” after supper. Martin had not seen it before. The kids were “helping” him by telling him what was going to happen next.

Please continue to pray for Grandma Davis, Joe’s mom’s mom. She has cancer and has gone downhill quickly.

Nantsew yie!

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

W’apɔw mu ɛ?

This morning, we all went into town to visit some friends. The lady had a baby last week. Our children enjoyed taking turns holding the baby. Gilbert and I held him the most. Each time the baby moved or made a sound, they thought that he needed to go his mom right away. I told them that he would let us know when he was ready to see his mom. Before we left, he started crying. Gilbert was holding him at the moment and wanted me to give him to his mother right away.

We ran a few other errands in town. We got some Lebanese pizza to take home for lunch.

After lunch, we helped Joe with his podcast. I interviewed the kids about school, their favorite Bible story, etc. We had fun doing that. Danny was too tired; maybe we should have waited until after nap time. Oh well, we got it done.

Mack Siekbert came to visit this afternoon. Martin came too. Martin stayed for supper.

The power went off tonight. It seems that we are back to “load shedding” on a daily basis again.

Pray for Joe as he drives to Accra tomorrow. He will be taking the Aarons’ vehicle to Accra and picking up the Aarons from the airport tomorrow night. Then, Joe will fly back here on Thursday afternoon. Pray for safety on the roads and no trouble along the way. There is a hearing in progress right now in Accra concerning election fraud. Someone told us today that there is a big police presence in the Accra area right now due to the court hearing and that they are just looking for reasons to pull people over. Being white is usually high on their list of “reasons.”

Nantsew yie!

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Sunday, April 21, 2013

W’apɔw mu ɛ?

We had a good day at church. The kids all followed one of their friends from school to find their Sunday School class. Joe and I were in the adult class. We are trying to really concentrate on the Fante. We still have a lot of vocabulary to learn.

Brother Dare preached a good sermon about the rich man and Lazarus. Bonnie raised her hand for salvation during the invitation. We are still talking with her from time to time and asking her questions to see if she understands.

I put chicken in the crock pot and rice in the rice cooker before we left for church. So, lunch was ready when we got home. Thankfully the electricity stayed on!

After naps, we ate some sandwiches and then headed back to church. Tonight, Brother Dare preached about the faith of the widow out of 1 Kings 17.

It was just about bed time when we got home. Everyone had a snack and headed to bed.

Please continue to pray for Grandma Davis, Joe’s mom’s mom. She has cancer and has gone downhill quickly.

Nantsew yie!

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie