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Friday, May 31, 2013

W’apɔw mu ɛ?

It seems that we are back to “load shedding” once again. Our power went off at 6:30 this morning and came back on about 1:30.

We kept Danny and Bonnie home from school today. They both have a bad cough and a runny nose. They took it easy today and got a good nap in this afternoon. Danny was having trouble with asthma this evening. He still has a headache that comes and goes, but it does not seem to be malaria.

The other day, Joe came across a recipe for a chicken sandwich with coleslaw and spicy mayonnaise. We had that for supper tonight. Joe even found bread and butter pickles in town today; the recipe called for those. It was good!

Martin gave the kids a kitten. They had three that they were trying to get rid of. When he brought it, Martin gave it a bath. Gilbert and Joe are both allergic to cats. Bathing the animal seems to help a little with the allergies. The cat is a little on the wild side. We will see how long it sticks around. The kids have decided to call the cat Ruby. The cat went up underneath the car as soon it was released after its bath. They finally got it to come out and locked Ruby up in the tool closet for the night.

Nantsew yie!

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Thursday, May 30, 2013

W’apɔw mu ɛ?

The power was off all night. Joe had to go get more fuel about midnight. When the power goes off at night, it usually comes back on by 11:00. We had enough fuel for that but not to run the generator all night. We called the power company this morning. They said that there was a fault and that they were working on it. The power came back on this afternoon.

Joe took the kids to school. Then, he picked up Teacher Adoko. Today, we made a list of opposites. Then, we did some reading. He still does not believe that we can read that well and not understand what we are reading.

We dropped Teacher Adoko off for his Assembly meeting (like a City Council meeting). Then, we went into town to get groceries. Joe took me out for lunch. We took the groceries home, and Joe headed to the school to get the kids.

It seems that Bonnie’s cold has gotten worse instead of better. Now, Danny is sick and achy too. Danny was complaining of neck pain and a headache on top of a runny nose, cough, and a sore throat. He did not have a fever. We are watching him closely for other malaria symptoms.

Nantsew yie!

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

W’apɔw mu ɛ?

Joe took the kids to school. The Fante teacher had a meeting today. So, we did not have class. I worked on my Fante verb list.

Janet came for her reading lesson. She is not making much headway with reading. I have started going through the Romans Road verses with her. We sound out the words and then read the verse. I then explain the verse in English. She goes to a pentecostal church, but I don’t know if she is saved. Joe worked in the office.

The kids had a good day at school. All of the kids rested before supper, but no one went to sleep.

Our dog, Max, has been missing for several days now. We thought he would come back when he got hungry, but he must have gotten run over or something. The kids have been keeping a lookout for him whenever they go anywhere.

We left for church early to pick up Mrs. Morgan and the girls. Bonnie wanted to sit with Mrs. Morgan in church tonight.

The power was off when we got home from church. We are hoping that it comes back on soon because we are almost out of diesel in the generator.

Nantsew yie!

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

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Joe’s Podcast Episode #025

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In 2008, Dr. Jim Vineyard invited me to go on a trip to Europe as a translator. It was definitely the trip of a lifetime! This was the basic schedule of our trip.

Saturday, September 20, 2008  

Aromanches – Artificial Port for D-Day landings

Battle of Hedgerows

Omaha Beach


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Church in hotel lobby

Point du Hoc

Merville Battery

Pegasus Bridge


Monday, September 22, 2008

St. Mere Eglise

St. Marcouf Battery

Utah Beach Museum (artificial port)


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Battle of the Somme (WW I battle)



Wednesday, September 24, 2008

American Military Cemetery in Luxembourg – 21 gun salute; presented Bill Lair with flag

Drove to Bastogne

Late night supper with Missionary Alexander de Chalandeau


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Liege, Belgium


Friday, September 26, 2008

Malmedy Massacre

Visited different battle sites


Saturday, September 27, 2008

War Museum in Diekerk


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Morning service in Bitburg, Germany

Returned to Bastogne


Monday, September 29, 2008

Drove back to Caen, France, from Germany


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Took others to airport in Caen; returned vehicle

Took train to Paris


Wednesday – Trip back to Ivory Coast

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

W’apɔw mu ɛ?

Joe took the kids to school. Then, he worked in the office most of the day. He had three interviews today with veteran missionaries for Missionary on Fire.

I got some things done around the house. My stomach is doing better; now, I am just waiting for my energy to come back. : )

The kids had a good day at school. Bonnie was the only one with homework this evening.

Joe played outside with the kids while I worked on supper. He had them doing all kinds of races. I could hear them through the kitchen window. They did the crab walk, the bear walk, the duck walk, and the bunny hop as part of their race.

Nantsew yie!

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Monday, May 27, 2013

W’apɔw mu ɛ?

Bonnie threw up at breakfast this morning. After that, she was back to her normal self.

The kids enjoyed their day off from school. African Union Day was Saturday, but it was observed today since it fell on the weekend. It is strange when an American holiday and an African holiday coincide. In thinking of Memorial Day, we would like to thank all those who have fought and are fighting to keep America a free nation.

It rained off and on throughout the day. The kids went outside a couple times. They took toys over to the guest room this afternoon and played in there for a little while.

We had some visitors this afternoon.  Mrs. Naomi came with Ruth’s mother and her baby.  Ruth goes to school with the kids; her dad died a couple months ago.  Ruth’s mom came to thank Joe for attending the funeral.

Joe grilled steaks for supper.

Nantsew yie!

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Sunday, May 26, 2013

W’apɔw mu ɛ?

Bonnie and I stayed home today. Bonnie has had a cough and a slight fever. My stomach is still on the mend.

Joe and the boys left early. Brother Morgan is gone to Liberia for a few weeks. He asked Joe if he could pick up Mrs. Morgan and the girls that live with them for church while he is gone. So, Joe drove our vehicle over to the Morgans’ house. He left our car there and took their fifteen-passenger van to church. When they arrived, the boys could hear the parrots that the Morgans have.

Joe said that Gilbert leaned over during church and asked him if they could see the birds when they took Mrs. Morgan and the girls home. Their wish came true. Mrs. Morgan needed Joe’s help with a large propane bottle. She took the boys to see the birds while Joe worked on the gas bottle. Gilbert told Bonnie and I all about it. He said that she has two African parrots. One of them has lost most of its feathers and can’t fly very well; he said that it uses its beak as a hand. He went on to say that he was going to pray for that bird that it would grow some new feathers.

The boys did not get home until after 2:00. Bonnie and I ate lunch without them and took a nap. The boys ate lunch when they got home. They got a nap in before church too.

Joe preached tonight. The boys sat with Mrs. Morgan. He told the boys before church that Mrs. Morgan was going to put a check mark by their name for each thing that they did during church. Gilbert was happy to report that they did not get any check marks.

Nantsew yie!

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Saturday, May 25, 2013

W’apɔw mu ɛ?

The kids were glad that it was Saturday. I watched Danny make pancakes this morning. I am still not over the stomach bug, but I am on the mend. It will just take some time.

Joe went to the church for a Men’s Prayer Breakfast. He got back home around 2:00.

Today is my Mom’s birthday. The kids all made a card for her. Then, I took pictures of the cards for her. If I would have thought ahead, we could have mailed some cards, but things like that always seem to sneak up on me now.  Bonnie wanted to put hers in an envelope so that she can take it to Grandma when we go home next year.  

The power had trouble today. It went off around 11:00 and stayed off until 1:30. Then, it came and went for several hours.

Some friends from school came to play with the kids this afternoon. They were having quite a time. They were taking turns swinging in the hammock. An older boy pushed the hammock a little too high. It flipped over with Danny in it. Danny fell flat on the ground from about ten feet in the air. He had a scraped elbow, but that didn’t stop him. He stood back up and was ready to play again. The hammock was outlawed after that.

Joe decided to have chili dogs for supper tonight. He was telling the kids about the foot-long chili dog at Sonic. Danny wanted to know what else came with it. Joe mentioned tater tots, and Danny did not remember what those were. So, Joe made some for supper. I never thought of making tater tots before, but they were a big hit. Bonnie was the only one who didn’t eat many, but she is not feeling very well and did not have much of an appetite.

After the boys went to bed tonight, they were talking in their bedroom.  Danny was talking to Gilbert about being a missionary.  He said, “It’s okay, Gilbert.  We don’t have to worry about it right now.  We can just do it little by little, inch by inch.”

Nantsew yie!

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Friday, May 24, 2013

W’apɔw mu ɛ?

Well, I think am back among the living, almost. I have just taken it easy today. I am starting to feel better.

Joe took the kids to school. He came home until things were open in town. Then, he went to get a few things in town.

The kids said that the power was off all morning at school. It was off from noon to 6:00 here.

I think Bonnie may be starting to get a cold. Danny was very tired this evening. It is a good thing that tomorrow is Saturday. The kids are out of school on Monday for African Union Day; it is actually tomorrow, but Monday will be observed as a holiday as well.

Joe made chili and cornbread for supper. Martin came just before supper. He played with the kids until supper was ready. It was his first time to try corn bread; he liked it.

Nantsew yie!

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Thursday, May 23, 2013

W’apɔw mu ɛ?

Yesterday, Laura ate something that was spoiled! After church, she was not feeling well and tried to go to bed early. She did not sleep at all last night. She spent the entire night trying to un-eat that spoiled food.

This morning, I was trying to make lunch and get the kids ready for school. Things sure do run much smoother when mom is not sick! Gilbert packed the lunches, and Danny cooked breakfast. We had toast with grill marks, just how Danny and I like it. If you want toast with no grill marks, fast until mom feels better. Right DANNY! I was so proud of the kids this morning! They were such a blessing.

I went to tell the Fante teacher that class was canceled, and then he and I went to check on some things in town. I wanted to get some medication for Laura, and I had to wait for the pharmacy to open. No, we do not have a Wal-Mart Super Center in this town of one million people.

I came home and tried to get something to stay down so that Laura could take her medication. I was getting a little concerned that we might have to go to the hospital. Praise the Lord that we did not have to go to the hospital, or as I call it “the pre-morgue”! She is starting to feel much better and has even been able to keep a few crackers and her medication down.

The kids were playing so well this evening. They were building a fort for cowboys and Indians;  then the fort got turned into an airport, and the Indians were the security guards. HOW! You take ’em off moccasins! Those kids were making me laugh!

Tomorrow, Teacher Adoko is going to a funeral; so we have no class tomorrow, but we can still work on our language here at home.

Nantsew yie!

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie