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Sunday, June 30, 2013

W’apɔw mu ɛ?

We had a good morning at church. Brother Dare preached a good message out of Matthew 22 about the wedding garment. The power went off during church. I was hoping that our power had stayed on at home because lunch was in the crockpot. Our power at home must have stayed on because lunch was ready when we got there.

After lunch, the kids and I took a nap. Joe made hamburger buns for me in preparation for tomorrow’s company. The Aarons are coming for a couple days.

After naps, Joe, Gilbert, and I went out to tidy up the guest room. On the porch of that building, Joe killed a snake and a scorpion. Yuck! They were underneath some boxes. We took all of the boxes off of the porch.

We had another good church service tonight. Whenever there is a fifth Sunday, they have testimonies and special music. Our children sang “Jesus Loves Me” in English and then in Fante. The people really liked that. A lot of them did not know that we have all been working on learning Fante. I also sang a song. There were many good testimonies given. Our boys were commenting on how short church was tonight. I told them that it was the same amount of time as usual; it just went by faster since we were doing something different.

The Siekberts have some family visiting from the States. They are going to the ocean tomorrow. They need help transporting everyone; so, they invited us to go along. Since the kids are out of school tomorrow for Ghanaian Independence Day, we are all going to go with them. Hopefully we will get back home before the Aarons arrive in the afternoon. Then, on Tuesday, we are having some other missionaries over to celebrate July 4 a little early. We will have 25 people here. Some busy but fun days are ahead. I will try to get an e-mail sent tomorrow, but if you don’t hear from us, you’ll know why.

Nantsew yie!

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Saturday, June 29, 2013

W’apɔw mu ɛ?

Today we got some more cleaning done around the house. The boys worked in their room, and I helped Bonnie in her room. The kids took a few breaks to go play outside for a little bit. Gilbert got the rest of his homework done.

Joe went to run errands. He went into town to get some light bulbs and some parts to fix some of our lights. He got a couple things at the grocery store that I forgot yesterday. Then, he went to the fish market to pick up the shrimp for our party on Tuesday. Monday is a holiday here, and the fishermen do not fish on Tuesdays. So, we had to get the shrimp today.

Joe got the lights that he could reach fixed. He needs a ladder to reach the others. The frequent power outages really do a number on the lights!

When Bonnie and the boys were outside today, they were playing school or something. Bonnie was calling out the students’ names. Through the kitchen window, we heard, “First John, you are fired; Second Isaiah, you are fired!” I am not sure why they were being fired. But, we were laughing at her choice of names.

Nantsew yie!

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Friday, June 28, 2013

W’apɔw mu ɛ?

The kids went to school by taxi this morning. Danny prayed that the car would be fixed by the time school was out. Riding in the taxi is not his favorite thing!

Joe called the mechanic. He said that the car would be ready by 10:00. About 9:30, Joe and I walked to the taxi station and went to the mechanic. They were just about finished until they discovered that the belts that we had replaced a couple weeks ago were all worn out. Apparently after Joe bought new belts, the last mechanic kept the new belts and put old belts on our car. They had to find the right belts. Joe had me take a taxi to the market circle to start on the grocery shopping. He waited for the car at the mechanic. I got the vegetables first. Then, I walked to the grocery store. My phone was not working properly. I went to our friend across the street, and he got the phone working for me. He also let me leave my bags in his office while I was waiting for Joe. The grocery store was out of powdered sugar. So, I walked back to the market circle to one of the little stores there and was able to find some. Joe said that he would be there in about ten minutes. So, I went back across the street to the grocery store to get the cold things. When Joe got there, we got a couple things from the bulk store (the same place where the guy let me leave my bags). We needed to go back to the market circle to get coconut oil and some plastic chairs for our July 4 party (which we are having on Tuesday instead of Thursday). I went deep inside the circle to find coconut oil. I got some Fante practice in. Joe got the chairs while I got the oil. We got home just in time to unload the car so that Joe could go get the kids from school.

Earlier in the week, Joe took his chair to get it reupholstered. They called today to say that they were finished with it. So, Joe went to pick that up, got fuel for the mower, and took the cooler to the man who is going to get some shrimp for us for our get together on Tuesday. (The reupholstered chair is on the right. We will get the other one done too.)

The kids played outside while I got supper ready. Well, I did the hashbrowns and bacon, and Joe fried the eggs. After supper, they did their homework. We have a busy few days ahead; so, we wanted to get the homework out of the way. Gilbert’s class had some trouble reading clocks today. So, he had to draw all twelve clocks and put the right time on them. By the time he finished with those, he was rather discouraged. We told him he could finish the rest of his homework tomorrow.

Danny fell asleep on the floor in the living room. Joe woke him up to get ready for bed. He was so disoriented that when brushing his teeth, he spit on the floor instead of in the sink.

Danny was fast asleep after sword fighting.

Bonnie got this party mask at school.

Nantsew yie!

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie

Thursday, June 27, 2013

W’apɔw mu ɛ?


Teacher Adoko texted Joe at 4:00 this morning to let us know that he had a family matter to take care of today. We will get back on track with our Fante lessons next week, the Lord willing.


Joe took the kids to school. Then, he took the vehicle to the mechanic. The tie rod ends, shock absorbers, and other things needed to be replaced. The roads here would do any vehicle in! Joe came home in a taxi. He got out at the taxi station and walked home.


I typed Fante lessons for an hour. Then, I worked on organizing the office. That was my big project for the day. Joe helped me hang some things on the walls.


Joe had a taxi get the kids from school. Then, Joe went back into town in the taxi to get our vehicle. The only problem was that our car wasn’t ready yet. They said, “Unless tomorrow!” So, Joe took a taxi to the school for a parent/teacher meeting. Brother Morgan brought him home after the meeting.


The kids and I finished up in the office. After supper, they helped me fold clothes. Gilbert could not help much because he had been wounded while wrestling with Danny. Danny said that he was just pinning Gilbert, but Gilbert claimed that Danny jumped on his heart. Boys will be boys! Bonnie was a good helper. Danny felt bad for Gilbert and kept asking him if he was okay yet.


Joe got home just after the kids went to bed. The kids were waiting for kisses from Daddy.


Nantsew yie!


Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie



Wednesday, June 26, 2013

W’apɔw mu ɛ?


I forgot to tell a story about Danny from yesterday. When he was getting ready for school yesterday, he asked me what day it was. When I said that it was Tuesday, he said, “Yes! It’s the best day ever!” When we asked him why, he said that it is because they have Arithmetic Tests on Tuesdays, which means no speed drills. They do a lot more writing than most students normally would because they do not photocopy things that can be copied on a piece of paper. So, they write out the whole speed drill and then do the speed drill. The test is already copied, and they don’t have to write it out. He was not so enthusiastic when he got up this morning. Joe asked him if it was the best day ever today. Danny said, “No, we have speed drills.”


Joe took the kids to school. Then, he spent the day helping Dwayne. Dwayne is trying to import his vehicle from Mali; he was trying to figure out if that would be feasible and how to go about doing it.


I taught Janet’s reading lesson and then worked on the Fante book for the rest of the morning. I am about halfway through my second book of notes; I have four notebooks total to go through and add to what I have already typed. So far, there are 112 pages in the book. It will probably end up being 200 pages or more. I got some cleaning done in the living room this afternoon.


We had a good evening at church. Brother Dare preached about identifying false preachers. There are so many people in Ghana that call themselves pastors, but they have no clue what the Bible says. We see banners all the time for some “Holy Ghost Fire” meeting. Tonight on the way to church, we saw one tonight that needed a little grammatical help: “The Abode Church present Devine Power Meeting.” Many people in Ghana are “religious” in that they attend a church of some kind, but they are very lost and confused for the most part.


Nantsew yie!


Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie



Joe’s Podcast Episode #029

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This week, we have three questions; the first two are by e-mail from my mother-in-law, Bonnie Van Manen.  First, she asks, “Is the public education in Ghana free, or do all students have to pay?”

Next, she asks, “Are the marriages in Ghana arranged, or do teenagers date on their own?”

The next question was asked by my Uncle Ronnie who was mentioned in  My dad recorded his question and sent it to me.

What is the greatest challenge of raising kids on the mission field?

  • Knowing what is going on back home and guarding against the feeling of being left out of something.
  • Developing friendships in a cross-cultural situation
  • Health concerns

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Have a great week and God bless!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

W’apɔw mu ɛ?


Joe took the kids to school. He came home and exercised for a while. Then, he worked on podcasts.


I did some more cleaning today. I got the hall closet organized and made room for the canning stuff in that closet. I also organized the pantry shelves in the kitchen.


Dwayne Harrison came to town today to have his vehicle worked on. Joe went into town and met him for lunch. Dwayne rode with him to get the kids from school. Joe said that Bonnie was making monkey sounds all the way home. Dwayne thought maybe she had been cooped up in the classroom a little too long!


Dwayne is staying in our guest room tonight. He ate supper with us. We had a good time of fellowship with him. The boys had great fun with him and their nerf guns. Danny got his homemade Captain America shield out, and Gilbert was hiding behind a cardboard box. Bonnie was showing Dwayne how she could color.


Nantsew yie!


Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie



Monday, June 24, 2013

W’apɔw mu ɛ?


I realized this morning that Gilbert had not finished his homework. So, I got him up to finish that. Bonnie helped me put the lunch bags in the backpacks. I usually check to make sure that the homework is in the backpacks when I put the lunch bags in. Since I did not do that job, I forgot to do a homework check. I found Danny’s homework on the table this morning. Joe said that Danny was just beside himself when he got to school this morning and realized he did not have his homework. Danny said that he did not get in trouble. The teacher told him if he does not bring it tomorrow, he will be in trouble. We made sure that it is in the bag tonight!


The Aarons are coming for a visit next week. I am trying to work on one room each day this week to get the house in order. I started with the dining room today. I was a little discouraged at first. I read something that describes my normal cleaning pattern – “Attention Deficit Cleaning Disorder: You start to clean one thing but get distracted by another thing that needs to be cleaned, which causes you to bounce around to different jobs only to end up doing a lot of work with nothing to show for it.” : ) Joe encouraged me to make a list but just focus on one thing. I got the dining room table cleared off – mission accomplished!


Joe went to town to check the PO box. We had a package. Then, he went to the market and found some boxes that I can use for my project for tomorrow – organizing the hall closet.


The kids played outside before supper. I had supper ready earlier tonight. So, they got to play for a little while after supper too.


Joe went soul winning with Augustine, one of the teachers from the school, this evening. They went to visit Augustine’s parents. Joe greeted them in Fante; they enjoyed that. His parents attend a Pentecostal church, but they know nothing about salvation. When Joe asked them what would get them into Heaven, they said that when the time came, they would just beg to be allowed to enter. After Joe talked to them for a little while, they realized that would not work. Joe asked them if he could visit them again next week. They said that he could. Please pray for them as he continues to witness to them.


Joe got home just as the kids were going to bed.


Nantsew yie!


Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie



Sunday, June 23, 2013

W’apɔw mu ɛ?


This morning before breakfast, Gilbert asked Bonnie what she was drinking. She said, “I’m drinking my shake.” (Joe and I have been drinking shakes for our diet.) She then informed Gilbert that she was drinking olive juice. She had gotten the container of black olives out of the refrigerator and poured some of the juice into a cup. She said, “I’m drinking this because I’m working on my ankles, Gilbert. I need to get the energy out of my ankles!” What a hoot! Then, during church, her stomach was hurting. No more olive juice for her!


Danny had a bike wreck yesterday. He flew off of the bike and landed on his nose on the driveway. His nose is all scraped up. Yesterday, he was very self-conscious about his nose and did not want anyone to talk about it. Before we left for church this morning, he was saying that he knew he was going to have lots of questions about his nose. When we got to church, he marched right up to two of his friends from school and told them all about his bike wreck.


We had a good day at church. Joe preached this evening. He preached a good message about prayer.


On the way to church tonight, Gilbert (who is 8) was going down memory lane. We were amazed at some of the things he remembered. He was talking about things that happened at our first house in Ivory Coast. He also remembered holding up three fingers by the car window to show people how old he was.


Nantsew yie!


Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie



Saturday, June 22, 2013

W’apɔw mu ɛ?


Joe made waffles for breakfast this morning. Those are always a special treat!


Joe went to the church for soul winning. They visited some people who have children in the school. One girl’s father is a helicopter pilot. He worked in Lafayette, LA, for five years transporting workers to and from the offshore rigs.


The kids and I got the laundry folded. The kids played for a while and then worked on their homework. Gilbert was supposed to write a letter and fill 21 lines. That is a long letter for a second-grader! They had to write one yesterday, and I guess some people’s letters were too short.


I had told Martin that I would make cupcakes for his birthday. His birthday is tomorrow. So, I got the cupcakes made this morning and frosted them this afternoon. The whole family delivered the cupcakes to Martin. Then, we went to the British restaurant for supper. The boys stuck with the fish and chips. Joe had baked fish and steamed vegetables. Bonnie and I decided to try a pizza; we should have stuck with the tried and tested. The pizza was very, very spicy. Bonnie ended up eating part of Danny’s fish, and he ate some pizza. We had to get some extra water to put the fire out!


The kids were happy that they still had a little bit of time to play before bed time.


Nantsew yie!


Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie