Monthly Archives: April 2014

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Furlough is such a busy time.  I don’t know how we manage to send a daily email while we are on the field and I don’t know why it is such a challenge to send an update every once in a while while we are on furlough.

We have been on the road a lot and we get to spend a week here and there at our home church.  We really have a great church family and this time around them is so refreshing.

This week, my baby sister and her husband and their son came for a visit.  I had not seen them since their marriage in October 2010.  It was a blessing to get to meet my nephew Andrew.

Today we had a huge storm.  We had over ten inches of rain today and yet we were still able to see souls saved at our home church.  It is such a blessing to be a part of a ministry that is still in the soul-winning business.

Today the church was hit with lightning.  Just before the strike, a young man in our church was going out into the parking to help his mother by walking her to the door with an umbrella.  Just as he was outside on the the parking lot, a bolt of lightning struck and he was startled.  You will enjoy the video of this young man trying to make it to safety.  Just hit the play button below to watch.