Contact Information

Sending Church:
Central Baptist Church
909 Cora Street
Center, Texas 75935
(936) 598-3642
Pastor Danny Dodson

Field Address:
Joseph Consford
PO Box TD 111
Takoradi, Ghana
West Africa

E-mail address:

Phone numbers:
U.S. number (Magic Jack) which rings on our computer in Africa:
(936) 553-5380  (If we are not online, just leave a message and I will try to call you back!)

To ask a question on Joe’s Podcast call (936) 553-5380 and leave a voice mail.  If your computer is equiped with a microphone or if you have an iPhone or an iPad, just click here.

Joe’s cell phone in Ghana:

Laura’s cell phone in Ghana:

Skype: consford
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