Joe’s Podcast Episode #001

Introducing Joe’s Podcast!  I am so excited about this.  For years now, we have been doing this daily e-mail that has turned into a blog.  People all over the world read our blog, and I think that we can add this podcast to our blog to make this experience so much more enjoyable.  I want to do a weekly show, and here is how I want to start.

I want to do an audio show which you can download or listen to online and then comment on.   I want it to sound something like a “talk radio show.”  You can send me questions, and I will answer them as part of the show.  I want the show to sound like I am talking to you.

This show will be about what you want to hear.  Ask a question about anything, and I will do my best to answer the questions.  Ask a Bible question.  Ask a question about one of the stories you have read in our blog.  Ask a question about Africa or about life as a missionary.

How to send your questions:

  • Record your question any way you can.  Make sure you say your name and where you are from so that you can introduce yourself to my listeners all around the globe. One way you can do this is on your smart phone.  On the iPhone there is an app called “Voice Memos.”  If you record your question and then save it, you will see a button at the bottom of the screen that says “Share.”  Select the file you want to send to me, then hit share, and you can e-mail the file to me right from your phone.  I am sure that other versions of smart phone have a similar way to do this.
  • E-mail the audio file of your question to
  • If you cannot record your questions, you can e-mail the questions to me, and I will read them and then answer them.
  • Make sure you include your name and where you are from in the e-mail so that I can properly introduce you.

In this fist episode of my podcast, my father, Buster Consford from Bland Lake, Texas, asks me a question about the “death angel” in the Passover.  Come and join in on the conversation.  If you want, you can leave a comment on this post and we can just enjoy a good time thinking about the Word of God!

  • gingerlc

    We listened during coffee cirlce tis morning. It was a blessing. I think you did a good job answering the question. Wow! I think this is a great idea. Loved the first broadcast or pod cast. Praying as you face the daily trials on the mission field.