Joe’s Podcast Episode #021

This week, as the kids are still on vacation from school, we have been spending a lot of time with them.  My kids are such a blessing.

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They were out playing with some kids from the village, and the boys decided that they needed to tell the kids that they needed to get saved.  The kids said, “Saved from what?”  Gilbert and Danny were trying to explain that they needed to be saved from Hell and that Jesus was the only one who could do that.  The kids just wanted to play, and so the boys came inside all worried about those kids dying and going to Hell.

Are we worried about our friends, co-workers, and family members and their eternal destination?  We need to have childlike faith and just tell the people we are close to the truth of the Gospel.  It may be uncomfortable, and it may take a little courage on our part, but the alternative is unacceptable!

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Our question this week is from my second son and our middle child, Danny. Danny asks when does God call someone to go somewhere else and tell others about the Gospel.  I am blessed to have children that have such a tender heart and a love for souls.