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As a parent, it has always been my heart’s desire that my children would accept Christ as Savior and choose to serve Him with their lives. Although our children are still young, they have all accepted Jesus as their Savior now. What a blessing! I would like to tell you a little bit about how all of that came about.

Gilbert began asking questions about salvation when he was four. We kept talking to him and asking him questions to see if he understood, but he was not understanding everything yet. Then, Danny started asking questions about salvation as well. Almost two years ago, Gilbert came to us one night after the children had gone to bed. He said, “Dad, Danny is crying because he wants to get saved.” Danny came out. Joe talked to him for a while. He answered all of the questions and was ready to get saved. As soon as Danny finished praying, Gilbert said, “Well, I’ve been waiting to do that for forever!” He prayed and asked Jesus to come into his heart too. Danny said, “Gilbert, now we just need to tell Bonnie.” We told them that Bonnie was still young and that we would keep talking to her for a while to make sure she understood. The boys were all smiles as they headed to bed. Their bedroom door opened once more. Gilbert said, “Now all we need is to get baptized!” Both boys share the same spiritual birthday, July 26, 2011. Gilbert was six, and Danny was four and a half. They both got baptized on my wife’s birthday, August 28, 2011.

Since that time, the boys have been trying to witness to Bonnie. They kept telling her, “We’re saved, but you’re lost.” Bonnie said, “I’m not lost; I’m in Ghana!”

Bonnie started asking questions about getting saved, but she was not understanding yet. The boys kept trying to help her out. They have both been burdened to tell others about Jesus. When they were playing with some other boys one day, they tried to talk to them about Jesus. Danny came home discouraged and said, “Mom, I want to be a missionary. I told some boys about Jesus, but they would not listen.” We told him that it was his job to keep telling, even when people did not listen. The same thing happened to Gilbert too.

On May 11, 2013, during breakfast, Bonnie said, “I need to talk to Mom and Dad again about something.” The boys said, “Is it about getting saved, Bonnie?” She said that it was and started crying. Gilbert told her about the day that he and Danny got saved. As Gilbert told the story, Danny would let him know when he did not get a little detail right. Gilbert said that he heard Danny crying; so, he got down from the bunk bed to see what was wrong. Danny stopped him and said, “No, Gilbert, you just looked over the side of your bed.” Gilbert continued with his story. After that, the boys started telling her Bible stories. Gilbert told her about how Jesus died on the cross to pay for her sins, but He did not stay dead. Then, Danny told her about the rich man and Lazarus. We enjoyed listening as they told her Bible stories. Danny said, “There was a rich man, and what was that other guy’s name, Mom?” Then, he continued after he got the name from Laura. After that story, he told another Bible story that was not really related to salvation, but in his mind, I guess it was. When he finished each story, he said, “Do you understand now, Bonnie?”

Laura asked Bonnie a few questions and then brought her to me. I talked to her. She knew all of the answers to the questions this time and wanted to pray and ask Jesus to come into her heart.

As soon as she finished praying to ask Jesus to come into her heart, Gilbert said, “Bonnie, you’re part of God’s family now!” Danny had tears in his eyes as he picked Bonnie up off the ground and said, “You’re my real sister now!” There were lots of tears of joy shed!

After I left to go visiting that morning, the boys came to Laura with a question. They wanted to know if they could give Bonnie a new Bible since she was saved now. They had seen a box of Bibles in the office, but they were French Bibles. They found a John and Romans and told her that would work until she could get a whole Bible. Danny wanted to write some verses out for her on paper. She put the paper with the verses on it inside of her John and Romans and was so proud of them both. I found a Bible in town and brought it home to her; she was so excited.

A little later, Gilbert said, “Mom, will we have a jewel in our crown in Heaven now since we told Bonnie about Jesus?” We did not realize how much the boys had been paying attention until that day. Praise the Lord for simple, child-like faith! What a blessing when being a missionary starts at home!

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