Joe’s Podcast Episode #028

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Our first question is from the staff of Windsor in The Wilds Camp Ministries.

Hello from Loyal, Oklahoma.

There are several of us who are spending our summer helping run a church camp for kids and teens.  Our question – We have heard of missionaries in other countries having a camp or something similar.  Do you have anything similar in Africa, and if you do what is it like?

I just want to say that I am a big fan of camp ministries!

One day, if the Lord tarries His coming, I would love to see a camp ministry here in West Africa! We have had camps in Ivory Coast, but we have never had our own campgrounds. We have rented schools, and once even an orphanage, and have had camp there. One time we took the kids out to a village, and we all slept on the ground under palm frond shelters.

I love camp because:

  • Camp gets kids out of their familiar surroundings, and you are more aware of what is going on around you when you are in a situation like that.

  • Camp gets them away from many of the worldly distractions that keep them from developing a closer walk with God.

  • Camp forces kids to live a more disciplined life if only for a week. Get up! Eat! Sing! Listen! Play! Have fun.

  • Singing will fix many of our attitude problems!

  • Good preaching for a week is just what the Doctor ordered!

  • How many decisions did you make at camp?

Our second question is from Eli Burkholder:

Eli asks about holidays in Ghana and if Ghanaians are very patriotic people.

Our third question is from Sam Kelly:

Sam asks about the song that opens and closes each episode of Joe’s Podcast!  I talk about the Jon and Merribeth Thompson family and about Merribeth’s parents, Jerry and Elaine Wass, who are long-time friends of Laura’s family.  It is wonderful to have friends for life!

If you would like to order a CD from the Thompson family, you can e-mail them at  The cost is $10.

Our fourth question is from Samantha Brignall:

Sammy asks about stoves and refrigerators in Ghana.  I answer her and tell about a lady in the market with eighteen watermelons on her head!

Our fifth question is from Rachel Brignall:

Rachel asked if there is a Fante Bible.  Laura and I read some verses from the Fante Bible.

Our sixth question is from Teacher Adoko, our Fante teacher:

He has a weekly radio program, and he called me on the air and asked me to quote a verse from the Bible in Fante.  Everyone in the studio clapped when I finished!

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That brings us to the end of this week’s episode of Joe’s Podcast.

Have a great week and God bless!

  • Grandpa

    Thanks for another episode.We always enjoy hearing them. MomVM

    • Joe Consford

      I sure am glad ya’ll enjoy them!