Joe’s Podcast Episode #005


This week, we had questions from several children as well as adults.  It is a blessing to know that children are interested in missions.  I surrendered to be a missionary as a twelve-year-old boy.  In fact, thirty years ago on New Year’s Eve, I preached my first sermon as a five-year-old boy.

We had questions from Marlin Shofner, Simon Little, Samantha Brignall, Rachel Brignall, my mom’s Sunday School class (Ginger Consford), Bonnie Van Manen, and Eddie Grimes.

I want to encourage Sunday School teachers and Christian School teachers to play the podcast for your class and have your students call or e-mail their questions.

Come join in on the discussion!  Leave a comment; or better yet, call (936) 553-5234 and ask a question via voice mail.