June 2014 Prayer Letter


Praise the Lord for His mercy and goodness.  I am so excited that we have the privilege of serving such a great God.   Furlough is such a busy time.

We were able to attend the graduation service at Oklahoma Baptist College.  Jim Post graduated, and I have to say that it has been a privilege to watch that young man grow up on the mission field.  Another young man that graduated told me that he surrendered to preach at the age of eight when I preached in his Christian School chapel.

I was able to go to Israel this past month for ten days.  I went with Dr. Vineyard and his son Paul, David Sloan, my father-in-law (Adrian Van Manen), and Jim Post.  We had a great trip, and we were able to make some great contacts. Jim Post was able to learn a lot about Israel.  We got to meet with Minister of Defense Moshe Ya’allon.  He told us about going to the Golan Heights and looking east toward Damascus.  He said, “I looked east and all I could see was death and destruction, and I looked west toward Israel and saw life and construction.”  He approved the removal of several mine fields so that 700 farms could be constructed.

We have been able to be in some great meetings in the past few weeks.  Praise the Lord for new support.  We are always in need of some new supporters.  We have also been able to report to some churches that have supported us for the past fourteen years.  Our children finished out the school year and will all be moving on to the next grade.  We also got to attend church camp with our children.  It was their first time to go to camp, and they loved it.

If you would like to see our video presentation for this furlough, you may visit consfords.com/presentation.  We would love to come and visit you at your church. If you would like to contact me concerning having us come, please call me at (936) 332-6542.
We are sending our prayer letters out by e-mail, and we are trying to phase out snail mail.  I need your help to do this in order to save money. I want to ask you to please visit consfords.com/lettersubscribe to sign up to receive our monthly prayer letter by e-mail.

Here is a list of our current prayer requests:
•    Safety on the road
•    Health
•    New support
•    Funds for an updated vehicle when we return to Ghana

Thank you very much for supporting us through your sacrificial giving and through your precious prayer time!  We pray that much fruit will be added to your account through our labors on the field in your behalf!

Your friend and ambassador to West Africa,

Joe Consford