Monday, April 30, 2012


This morning during breakfast, we were having a discussion about chickens.  Danny said, “I know what you call the daddy chicken – a rooster.”  Gilbert said, “The mommy is called a hen.”  Bonnie said, “Well, the baby is called a ‘bock, bock.'”  Danny said, “No, they’re called chicks.”  Bonnie still thought she was right.  She said, “Girls are right, right Mom?”  Whenever the boys do something of which she does not approve, she says, “Let’s throw them in the river, Mom.”  (When we were in the States on our last furlough, Grandma would throw the kids on the waterbed for taking her slippers.  When she did it, she would say that she was throwing them in the river.  That is Bonnie’s solution to everything.)  I told her that I didn’t think we could throw Daddy in the river.  She said, “We’ll just push him in the river.”
Joe watched the kids swim while I filled out the papers for our residents’ visas.  Joe tried to get his health certificate today, but the doctor was not in his office.  Tomorrow is a holiday.  So, he will have to wait until Wednesday to turn the paperwork in.  He went and talked to the commander at the immigration’s office today.  Wednesday is when our 90-day visa extensions expire.  The commander said that it will be fine to turn the paperwork in on Wednesday because Joe has to have that health certificate.
After Joe finished there, he took the car to get the AC fixed.  He found out that the man who had done our AC work before died a week ago; he was about fifty years old.  A big pothole that we hit last week had broken a pipe.  So, they had to take the pipe off, take it across town to weld it, and bring the pipe back.  The AC is back in working order.
The kids took forever to go to sleep this afternoon.  They all slept until 5:00.  They got a quick swim in while I finished getting supper ready.  
After supper, Joe went up to the church for the learning to read program; several people came tonight.
The kids go back to school on Wednesday.  Gilbert is excited about it; the other two are not too thrilled.
A demain,
Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie