Saturday, May 31, 2014 – Israel Trip

While I was waiting to leave this morning, I thought I would post photos of all that I had uploaded from the camera.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as we have!

This is a view of the Megiddo Valley from the top of the Mount of Transfiguration!

 photo DSC_7724_zpse0a686e4.jpg

This is a view of the road that leads to the top of the Mount of Transfiguration.

 photo DSC_7641_zpsf8c4fe3b.jpg

Another View of the Megiddo Vally where the battle of Armageddon will take place!

 photo DSC_7808_zpsa7d1d79a.jpg

At the time Jesus was ascending to Heaven, he told Peter not to build a tabernacle to Jesus, Elijah, and Moses.  Peter did not, but the Greek Catholics disobeyed the Word of the Lord and did what they wanted.  Oh well, it is not the only instance of their disregard for the Word of God!

 photo DSC_7675_zps91546d4b.jpg

The entrance to the park on the top of the Mount of Transfiguration.

 photo DSC_7636_zpsd44f6365.jpg

The word “Tel” means hill in Hebrew.

 photo DSC_7554_zps7b821d56.jpg

Some para-gliders over the valley of Megiddo.

 photo DSC_7614_zps4c65462f.jpg

The Spring where Gideon was told to prove the remaining 10,000 and only 300 were left.

 photo DSC_7532_zps60443c07.jpg

Nazareth at night!

 photo DSC_7282_zps1d72c5dc.jpg

Givati is Hebrew for “Fox” and they take their name from the foxes that Samson used to burn up the crops of the Philistines!

 photo DSC_7038_zpsaf843955.jpg

Dr. Vineyard with a Givatti Officer and a great friend!

 photo DSC_7371_zps8e16bd3a.jpg

A boy’s choir that sang for the Givatti Families!

 photo DSC_7249_zpsa80cc811.jpg

Some Givatti Officers getting ready to enjoy a great meal!

 photo DSC_7079_zpsab575283.jpg

Dr. Vineyard with a family that lost their son in the War on Terror!

 photo DSC_7227_zps876d8d40.jpg

Dr. Vineyard reciving a plaque of appreciation from the Givati Brigade.

 photo DSC_7170_zpsddb1a3c7.jpg

There were over 430 people at the dinner.  It is such a good opportunity to build lasting relationships with these families that have lost so much!

 photo DSC_7074_zpse65c8e97.jpg

We had some great food provided by the able staff at the hotel!

 photo DSC_7040_zpsc1d34e2a.jpg

Jim Post, David Sloan, Dr. Vineyard, Paul Vineyard, Adrian Van Manen and myself in front of the Givati flags!

 photo DSC_6952_zpsd9421135.jpg

Jim Post with some Giviati soldiers.

 photo DSC_6813_zpsf21365e1.jpg

The Jordan River!

i photo DSC_6628_zpsfb011329.jpg

David Sloan, Adrian Van Manen, Jim Post and myself at the Jordan River

 photo DSC_6663_zps3016b1a9.jpg

A Hebrew cemetery near the Sea of Galalee

 photo DSC_6728_zps08d219d2.jpg

An olive press in the city of Capernaum (The home town of Peter)

 photo DSC_6557_zps289c54d1.jpg

The Synagogue in Capernaum where Jesus surly went to read the scriptures on the Sabbath day

 photo DSC_6544_zpsa3e42662.jpg

The Sea of Galilee

 photo DSC_6398_zps573d5463.jpg

The Jesus Boat Museum.  This boat was found sunken in the mud in a drought year on the Sea of Galilee.

 photo DSC_6351_zpse95764dd.jpg

The Sea of Galilee

 photo DSC_6436_zps4ef6a4f4.jpg

An Israeli flag flying over the city of Tiberius

 photo DSC_6285_zpscf98338a.jpg

A nice mural depicting life in Tiberius over many centuries

 photo DSC_6275_zpsa57edbe3.jpg

This hotel was the hospital started by Horatio Spafford’s daughter.

 photo DSC_6206_zps8879ac45.jpg

A neat piece of art in Tiberius.

 photo DSC_6197_zpseb015a2a.jpg

An aqueduct

 photo DSC_6031_zps1b1a04f4.jpg

This is me with Adrian Van Manen, David Sloan and Paul Vineyard

 photo DSC_6150_zpsec02a4b3.jpg

Jimmy Post, David Sloan, me and Adrian Van Manen

 photo DSC_6142_zps77705abc.jpg

Israeli flag in Tiberius

 photo DSC_6105_zps2c9054d9.jpg

The City of Tiberius

 photo DSC_6089_zps29d0261d.jpg

A lighthouse on the Mediterranean Sea near the city of Jopa!

 photo DSC_5906_zpsa4e31cca.jpg

Tel Aviv, Israel

 photo DSC_5886_zps6c1c4179.jpg