Saturday, November 16, 2013

Today, we decided to go as a family to a town that I have been thinking about starting a church in when we return from furlough.  Shama is about a half hour drive from the house toward Accra.  We had breakfast, and then we loaded up and headed toward Shama.

On the way, Bonnie decided to “record” a podcast.  I guess she has heard me talk about recording and she “records” her own.  Well, Gilbert decided that she had said something wrong and tried to correct her.  Bonnie said, “Pause!” She looked at Gilbert and said, “Is this YOUR podcast?  I don’t think so!  Don’t mess with my podcast!”  Then she “hit the record button” and continued on in her monologue.  I nearly wrecked the car I was laughing so hard.

Speaking of podcasts, I have three.  The first two, Joe’s Podcast and Missionary on Fire are on hold right now until we go on furlough. You can still go and listen to all of the back episodes.  I do a daily devotional podcast that you might really enjoy.  Dr. Earl White has been sending out The Morning Meditation every day for many years.  I asked him if I could read them out loud and record them as a podcast for people to download every morning.  He gave me his permission to use his materials.  I think you will really enjoy them.  You can go to we are on Stitcher and iTunes and several other places as well.  On the top right corner of the sites you can see all of the ways to subscribe.

We got to Shama and drove around the town.  It is an unreached area!  We gave out some tracts and talked to some people.  We greeted people in Fante and everyone was so shocked.  We went to a slave castle that is in Shama.  It is the burial place for the first African to attend university in Europe.  Gilbert was never happier to leave a place.  He was deathly afraid the whole time we were on the second floor of the building.  About halfway home, he said, “My legs are still shaking!”

We came home and had lunch and then I discovered that we had some nails in our tires.  I guess Shama has nails in their roads.  I took Laura to the taxi station, and then the kids and I went to the tire shop.  The man that usually works on my tires is a Seventh Day Adventist.  So, his shop is closed on Saturday.  We had to go to another shop.  I bought the kids some ice cream, and they ate it sitting on a sidewalk in the shade while they fixed my tires.

Lo had a good music practice, and she came to Kansa in a taxi and called me when she was almost at the taxi station.  I went and picked her up.

The kids played outside while Lo and I fixed supper.

Lo was extremely tired, and she went to bed early.  I read the kids a story, and now I am off to bed too!

I hope you have a great Sunday tomorrow!