Sunday, April 22, 2012


We had a good day at church.  I had eighteen in my class today, and my helper came.  Joe said that the auditorium services went well.
After church, we came home, had lunch, took naps, and got ready for church again.
We had a good service this evening with twelve in attendance.  Dan has been preaching on Sunday nights; he preached about Christian Liberty tonight.  
After church, Joe brought us home.  Then, he and Dan went to make a visit.  A man in the church had a death in his family; the funeral is this coming weekend.  
The dog is doing a little better today.  He doesn’t seem to have any new sores, and the existing sores seem to be drying up.  
Please be much in prayer for Catherine Hudson and her family.  She is in the hospital with pneumonia and other complications; she has stage four breast cancer which has gone into her liver as well.
The Aarons are coming tomorrow to visit for a couple days.  We are looking forward to that.
A demain,
Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie