Sunday, April 29, 2012


Just as we were going out the door for church this morning, the power went off.  We went ahead and turned the main breaker switch off just in case there were voltage problems when it came back on.  
The power was on at the church.  It stayed on for all of Sunday school.  Then, it went off at the beginning of the morning service and stayed off for the rest of the service.  
We had a good service with sixty-six in attendance.  I had twenty-two in my class.  The kids were wound up this morning!  I did have a helper; that was a blessing.
When we got home, we turned the breaker back on, and our power was on.  We were glad about that.
After lunch, Joe and Dan went back out to Mpinctin for the closing of the funeral ceremony.  The man who died was 96; his older sister who is 106 was at the funeral.  They were able to talk to a lot of people.  The people were impressed that Joe knew some Fante.  They kept saying, “It’s a brony (white man) who knows Fante.”  One woman told him that he needed to eat some of her fufu so that he would be even fatter.  Another woman said that she should not say that because Joe might be offended that she called him fat; she went on to say that Joe was beautiful.  Joe said, “I’m not offended.  I know that I am beautiful!”  Then, they all laughed.  Gilbert thought that story was so funny when Joe told us about it at supper.
Joe and Dan picked us up for church.  We had a good evening service with thirteen in attendance.  The power went off about half way through the service.  
While I was getting supper ready this evening, I was humming.  Bonnie said, “Mom, are you trying to sound like your clarinet?”  
Gilbert requested brownies for dessert.  I got some made.  They tasted a little different without vanilla.  We haven’t been able to find vanilla anywhere lately.  I’ve got some coming in a package though.
A demain,
Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie
  • Jessi

    This post is so funny.