Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Joe took the kids to school.  Then, he met Nixon and showed him where a good mechanic is.  After that, he brought the welder home with him.  The welder almost finished the back porch today; he should finish it up tomorrow.
Joe went into town this afternoon to run a couple errands before he picked the kids up from school.
Gilbert had a long face when he came in the door after school today.  He made his first trip to the principal’s office.  He had told Joe that it wasn’t his fault.  But, the truth came out.  He was doing something when the teacher wasn’t looking.  Two other boys in the class decided to copy Gilbert.  When the teacher looked up, they were all three doing it.  So, they all three went to the office.  Gilbert told the principal that those boys were copying him.  The principal told Gilbert to keep his eyes on the TV screen and that he would be watching those other two boys.  One of the boys is named “Silafu.”  At least, that is how Gilbert pronounces it.  He could not remember the other boy’s name; it is probably just an every-day, ordinary name.  
This evening, Danny fell in the bedroom and skinned the side of his nose.  He came into the living room, and I said, “Danny, you really did a number on your nose!”  He said, “What number is it, Mom?”
Then, I was clipping the kids’ fingernails and toenails.  Gilbert said, “Mom, my toes are frightened.”  I asked him what frightened meant to make sure he knew.  He said, “It means scared, Mom.”  I asked him why his toes were scared.  He said, “Because they know it is going to hurt.”  I had never heard of a frightened toe before!
A demain,
Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie
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    Just had my Bible class listen to this. Thanks for providing these great interviews to be an inspiration and encouragement.