Wednesday, November 23, 2011


The storm knocked our power out last night.  It was off for 24 hours.  When it did come back on this evening, the phase that controls the bedrooms fans and AC did not come back on.  Then, the voltage shot up to 400 volts.  We shut everything down.  Joe fired up the generator once again.  Then, we saw that the power was back on.  We turned it back on to see what it was doing.  Everything seemed to be okay, but the bedroom phase is still off.
Joe took the kids to school this morning.  Then, he went into town to run some errands.
I started on my pies.  I made two pumpkin pies, a buttermilk pie, and a chocolate meringue pie.  
After school, the kids played outside.  Then, they worked on cleaning their bedroom.  
After supper, we got ready for church.  Joe preached a good sermon about living a victorious Christian life.  There were nine in attendance.
When we got home, I worked on getting the dining room table ready.  Then, I decided to hang some fall leaves.  I was standing on a plastic chair.  One chair leg gave way.  The next thing I knew, I was flat on my back on the floor.  My left elbow, my lower back, and my right heel seem to have taken the brunt of the fall.  I don’t think anything is broken, just bruised.  Leave it to me to add some excitement!
A demain,
Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie
  • Ken

    I was in Bible Baptist Church at the time Bill and Jane Coley were there on staff. They both have a heart for the Lord, and for for people. Jane taught some of my children at school and we felt particularly blessed that they had her as a teacher. Bill’s genuine humility is a good example for everyone, and it is obvious why God is blessing him on the mission field. Thanks for the interview.